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i like it, sad though ^ thank you




she smiles from the heart



Is it true you light the dark side of the moon?
Like a white sheet in the sun on a sunny afternoon,
that shares it's brightness with who cares to stop and look.
It seems there's fortune in your stare, and a phone in your back pocket,
filled by the name of one you'd never care to share.

Welcome to the tangles of my heart.
It's best you find a path, else you'd stray into the dark.
Narrow hallways call your name, while spacious rooms will echo nothing of the subtle beats that ripple and refrain.
There's a windmill to your left, and a bucket 'neath the pump,
feel free to drink, my love, while the water's at its best.

I see the stars have found their envy within you.
Colossal bridges left to the mercy of this Summer day in June,
where the white wings of a bird beat to your eyes' blinks - what a tune.
Love the tears that you live by and embrace the one who breaks your cry.
That pretty smile that lights the dark side of the moon.
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I woke up with this song stuck in my head.  

Happy birthday Eric "Slowhand" Patrick Clapton!! http://www.ericclapton.com/?frontpage=true         Tell the truth. Tell me who's been fooling you?Tell

I see one-third of a nation ill-housed, ill-clad, ill-nourished. Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1945), U.S. Democratic politician, president. second inaugural addresss, Jan. 20, 1937. Public Papers

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this is not sad to me, what about you?




Earth, sky, scenery.
Is she coming back again?
Men of straw, snooker hall.
Words that build or destroy
Dirt dry, bone, sand and stone.
Barbed wire fence cut me down.
I'd like to be around in a spiral staircase
To the higher ground.

And I, like a firework, explode.
Roman candle, lightning, lights up the sky.
In cracked streets, trample underfoot.
Side-step, sidewalk.
I see you stare into space.
Have I got closer now, behind the face?

Oh, tell me, Cherry you dance with me
Turn me around tonight
Up through the spiral staircase to the higher ground.
Slide show, seaside town.
Coca-cola, football radio, radio, radio, radio, radio, radio.



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"in writing lyrics- well, for me, anyway-it's about getting into character, you know? Who is writing this?

In the case of the original thick as a brick, supposedly, a precarious, very young child, who's fantasizing about his future,

and all the confusing elements to which school boys are subjected to at the time."  Ian Anderson Jethro Tull


Thick as a Brick



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Sonnet (I)

My God, where is that ancient heat towards thee,
Wherewith whole showls of Martyrs once did burn,
Besides their other flames? Doth Poetry
Wear Venus livery? only serve her turn?
Why are not Sonnets made of thee? and layes
Upon thine Altar burnt? Cannot thy love
Heighten a spirit to sound out thy praise
As well as any she? Cannot thy Dove
Out-strip their Cupid easily in flight?
Or, since thy wayes are deep, and still the fame,
Will not a verse run smooth that bears thy name!
Why doth that fire, which by thy power and might
Each breast does feel, no braver fuel choose
Than that, which one day, Worms, may chance refuse?


George Herbert

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