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The Two Tree's:


Beloved, gaze in thine own heart,

the holy tree is growing there;

from joy the holy branches start

and all the trembling branches they bear

the changing colors of it's fruit

have dowered the stars with merry light;

the surety of hidden root

has planted quiet in the night;

the shaking of it's leafy head

has given the waves their melody,

and made lips and music wed,

murmuring a wizard song for thee.

there the loves a circle go,

the flaming circle of our days,

gyring, spiring, to and fro

in these great ignorant leafy ways;

remembering all the shaken hair

and how the wings sandals dart,

thine eyes grow full of tender care;

beloved, gaze in thine own heart.


Gaze no more in the bitter glass

the demons with their subtle guile,

or only gaze a little while;

for there a fatal image grows

that the stormy night receives,

roots half hidden under snows,

broken boughs, and blackened leaves.

for all things turn to barrenness

in the dim glass the demons hold,

the glass of outer weariness,

made when god slept in times of old.

There through the broken branches go,

the ravens of unresting thought;

flying, crying to, and fro

cruel claw and  hungry throat,

or else they stand and sniff the wind,

and shake their ragged wings; alas!

thy eyes grow all unkind;

gaze no more in the bitter glass.


W.B. Yeats

very beautiful, nature and circle of life, enchantment in full

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pale light
shadow on my right
silver ring
abandoned dreams
on a bench
a sigh
a cry
in my eyes
of your

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are not

or forgotten

on the table,

everything is at its place

and an antique smell

of roses

waves in the air,

gold painted drapes.

flutter through
the window that is open

i am not there,

far from the

green extension.

i sit

and my eyes

are closed,


is at its place


it beats now well and regular,


is not,

where peace


and love



of the mind,

cards on

the desk

and the drink,

a glass of wine,


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