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U2.com Subscriber Pre Sale Questions


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I am planning getting a u2.com subs purely to get tix for the upcoing tour.

But id like to know a few things first....so if anyone could answer this for me please.


Do you get to choose whether you want standing or seating tickets...or is it luck of the draw where you get tix for?


How many tix (per gig) can you apply for as a paid up member of u2.com?


Lastly, can you apply for tix for as many shows as you like...or is it limited to only one gig per member?


This will be the first time i have ever have been a paid up member....so i realise i would be at the bottom of the list in pre sales



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The multiple shows were only for those with existing memberships, for those that bought a membership at the time of the ticket purchase it was only 1 show.


It also depended on the leg, as additional legs sometimes had restrictions due to the country the shows were in.

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