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Paul Mcguinness Will Receive The 2014 Billboard Industry Icon Award


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“In recognition of his lifelong achievements and vision in moving the music industry forward, McGuinness will be the recipient of the 2014 Billboard Industry Icon Award. The honor will be presented at MIDEM in Cannes on Feb. 2.”


In the same article there is a very nice interview with him.


You can read it here.

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Enjoyed reading this and the 2 parts where my interest really picked up were................


(Album stuff)


BB: There has to be some assessment as you step back. How do you feel about what you accomplished? Is it a sense of “job well done”?


McG: To some extent, yes. They’re doing their best work ever. I’ve heard most of the new album, and it’s absolutely amazing. They’re creatively ambitious -- they really want to have hits and a successful record. They know as well as anyone else that their tours will be successful whether they have a big record or not, but they don’t want to slip into that kind of heritage category of artist. So finding a new audience has always been very important to U2 with every record.


In that way they are as driven and creative as they ever were. Unlike a lot of other artists in our business, they didn’t get fucked by bad deals -- they’re in charge of their own destiny. They have the keys, they have the car, and they’re planning to drive it forever, as far as I can tell.


(Tour stuff)


BB: For a band so focused on touring, to have the most successful tour in history by every metric has to be satisfying. [u2’s last tour is the highest-grossing, most attended tour ever, according to Billboard Boxscore.]


McG: Yeah, they love performing. You’ll be amazed and impressed by the new tour, which they’ve been working on the design and concept throughout this record project. It will blow everyone away yet again. They’re on fire.

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Did you hear that? They're on fire !


Meanwhile at the Bono residence..."Can I say the album will be out tomorrow? Can I play it to someone ?" - Bono begs.

"Guys ?" (addressing to the other members of U2)

"NO !!"

"Ali?" .."Of course, dear !"

"After that's off my chest... can I go to Africa and go crazy with the politics and the AIDS-related stuff ???"



"Ali?".."Of course dear !"



Hey something IS burning around here ! Did you overcook the roast, Ali?

Ali : No ! Must be The Edge again ! Put that Album out so the poor man can take a break !!! The clothes from my drawer are starting to smell funny and I ain't got no Edun left either...I can't go around smelling like a rost-beef !

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U2 Manager Paul McGuinness Receives Billboard's Industry Icon Award at Midem




At a very early (9:30 a.m.) breakfast on Sunday morning, after a night of dancing on tables at Cannes' boîtes and bars like La Chunga, a gaggle of music execs gathered at a ceremony to pay tribute to U2's greatly esteemed manager Paul McGuinness, who received Billboard's prestigious 2014 Industry Icon Award.


Here the music business powerful, including Seymour Stein and Tommy Silverman and members of Billboard's 2014 International Power Players list, including Martin Mills, Willard Ahdritz, Allison Wenham, Frances Moore and others, gathered before a buffet of scrambled eggs, ham, fruit and yoghurt to pay their respect to the outspoken and trailblazing manager. McGuiness, in many ways, set the bar for how a manager and their clients can achieve a sustained and creative career and long-term success.


A short video preceded the ceremony with more of the music powerful paying tributes: McGuinness' partner in crime at Principle Management Trevor Bowen, Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner and UMG head Lucian Grainge ("I respect him greatly") paid succinct homage while the presentation saved the best tribute for last: U2.


"Bonjour Midem Monseur," so began Bono in garbled French on the video tribute. "We're so proud of Paul McGuinness. For other artist, bands and solo performers 35 years after they started out for fame and fortune or whatever, it's often really embarrassing for us, because so many of these great artists have had their hearts broken and there really aren't too many of them. There are exceptions, but I don't think we've ever met another artist who have had the same manager for 35 years from day one and for that whole time who had been unfaltering in his integrity, in his excellent business acumen… "


The Edge then weighed in cutting to the chase: "We own our own master tapes, we own our own copyrights," he said. Then Bono continued  "Yes we do," he said. "We are in effect a a cooperative who shares those equally with the band and we were designed to survive and we were designed for something much harder: we were designed to survive success. And Paul it was your design. You are not only the music industry's Icon, you are our Icon, so thank you so much and congratulations on this award i can't think of anyone else more deserving."



You can read the full Paul McGuinness´ acceptance speech at Billboard.


Photo: Desjardins / Image & Co.

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You are not only the music industry's Icon -_-

you are our Icon <_<

so thank you so much and congratulations on this award i can't think of anyone else more deserving :rolleyes:
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaooooooooooooo .................. Madame Monsieur B):rolleyes:B)

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