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Songs You Would Love To Hear On The Tour


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Miss Sarajevo, Love is Blindness,Winter,Luminous Times,Drowning Man,So Cruel,Gloria the hard out red rocks version,A Sort of Homecoming, Breathe,City of Blinding Lights, Ordinary love, Invisible, Moment of Surrender, Streets, With or without you,Trip through your wires,Hawkmoon 269,Love rescue me,All because of you,Scarlet,I will follow,Pride,Mofo,Walk on,Elevation,and quite a few more but i will stop there for now

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Mofo from 2005 in a soundcheck, but never played. Sounds great.




thank you for posting this MacFoley, MOFO is my fav. on *POP*

I think it would've made a great song for the 360 encore but they didn't use it :mellow:  



Acrobat, A Sort of Homecoming or In God's Country would send me nutz! :lol:



how NUTZ would you go?


i'd *POP*! :P in fact I'd love for them to play something from POP, mofo, gone, please.

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I'm going to leave out the regulars, we know they will play ... The rare tracks I'd like to hear this tour are as follows:


1. Kite

2. So Cruel

3. Love Is Blindness

4. Grace (A snippet would be nice, since we named our daughter Grace)

5. 40 .... The only song that should EVER close a U2 concert.


I love when they cover a song or do snippets of other so I will pick one of those too:

One Day At a Time (Sweet Jesus)

All Apologies

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Zoo station

Love is blindness

Zoo station



Last night on Earth

Get on your boots




Original of the species

Sometime you can't make it on your own

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