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Ticket Prices


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So I heard that on the last tour tickets were something like £75 in the UK. Given that this time round they're supposedly going indoors, how much can we expect tickets to cost?

My GA were only £50 & some seating was even cheaper than that. TBH I'm expecting The Stones prices this time around, I could be wrong but I doubt it.


However if we go by GAGA and Beyoncé. We can expect the closer areas in the arena to be package/VIP(expensive), next to these £100, £90, £70, and so on. Restricted views for both of the above were between £50-35.


I don't think people will be doing as many shows as the last tour as the cost of living has rocketed since last time out and peoples disposable income isn't the same as back then.

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Probably a lot like me don't see U2 tickets as a disposable income problem

U2 tickets or rent???



Been sensible and started a tour fund couple of years ago

Not too late to start now

You have been warned

I've been trying to save as much money as possible over the last few years, which is hard considering all the gigs and festivals I've been going to. I'm purposely going to less gigs this year to try and save as much money as possible because I know tickets are going to be hella expensive!

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Hi Peter

I was saving on average £15 per month following the Paris 360 gig which hopefully will cover 4 GA tickets


Would then try set up advance arrangements with other members on here to swap tickets for venues and my usual wish list would be


Scotland (best atmosphere in the world), Dublin (just because), Paris (cos its nice) and somewhere else depending on whats available


Now to start saving for flights, ferries, accommodation (or just sleep in the airport as usual) and merchandise


A U2 tour costs me about £1000 ++

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