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What Good Thing Happened To You Today (Continued)

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The Sun came up, the beach was freezing and me and my hounds had a ball!

I got accepted into University!

...and I was just given confirmation by email that my vote for this primary was received and tabulated today! Consider this a small blow against the tyranny expressed by those who would prevent u

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You're going to see Elbow?! Where? So jealous!!


Maggie is mad in a nice way!!

Manchester Apollo - always try to see them in concert i love them - how good where they supporting at Wembley?

And yes Maggie is - my daughter loves her as when she comes to visit we always go to hobbycraft lol! 




They were amazing at Wembley and I wondered if it was Manchester, the best place to see them I think. I wonder if Pete is going, tho maybe a bit far for him now 

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I saw Muse at the Ricoh which was a very good place - loved the show, don't know why not more shows there. 

And yes am in good place where I live to see bands in many places 

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I think Oasis played the Reebok in Bolton which is also a good place but never many concerts

But wouldn't have gone to see them and never liked them! 

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