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What Good Thing Happened To You Today (Continued)

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I got accepted into University!

The Sun came up, the beach was freezing and me and my hounds had a ball!

I convinced my dad to stay home today, because there are lots cases of coronavirus in their town!

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8 hours ago, dmway said:

I got my mask for voting...




...and ones for demonstrating one’s U2 fandom:


I absolutely love your masks!

You have the white version of my black "ATYCLB" one!

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I got to be on local radio - for being a U2 fan :D 

Each day, the lunchtime host does a section on "Shropshire's Most Wanted" where he tries to find people who fit three categories or criteria. One of today's criteria was trying to find "Someone who has seen U2 live". I wasn't actually listening to the radio at the time, but I saw the post on their social media and rang up. I was put through and got to talk live on air about the 3 concerts I've been to - one of which, London 1 in 2015 involved me taking the radio station's knitted gnome mascot along with me - and he still has the badge. One of the presenters who helped to arrange that has passed away since then, but it was nice to know the gnome is still in the studio and still has all the badges and souvenirs. 

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