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What Good Thing Happened To You Today (Continued)

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The Sun came up, the beach was freezing and me and my hounds had a ball!

I got accepted into University!

...and I was just given confirmation by email that my vote for this primary was received and tabulated today! Consider this a small blow against the tyranny expressed by those who would prevent u

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We held an open day at our dig site. Nearly 100 people came to visit, which isn't bad considering we're in the middle of a little village and partially digging in one family's garden. Some of the younger visitors helped me to wash finds. One little boy insisted on trying to wash everything he could find - he even attempted to wash a piece of coal, bless him  :lol: Mind you, he was only about 4 or 5. It was just lovely to see the enthusiasm and see people of all ages from the local community taking an interest in our work.

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I hope that all of you are happy, healthy and well all over.


I took mom home from the hospital and while we were walking an asian man came out of nowhere yelling on his cell-phone scaring the crap out of me! My 83 year old mother started laughing when I jumped and yelled " WTF-I THOUGHT IT WAS A SHOW GUN-KAMIKAZE" coming to kill us! I jumped out of my skin!


I got to be security escort for Ray Liotta and Robert Deniro at a showing of "goodfellas" in manhattan. They actually looked more mobbed up older than when they did the movie!!!


And my Mets didnt get swept by the Yankees this week!   God bles you all. :D

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Yesterday I got a ticket to a music festival here in the summer, Tori Amos among the ones I'm seeing. Jippi!! And I also went shopping and found this awsome summer dress. Jippii again.

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