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What Good Thing Happened To You Today (Continued)


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We finished our restoration project a day early B) It's very satisfying to see everything cleaned up and shiny after the state the pieces were in on Monday when they were all caked in 15 years worth of dust!


We also found some more pieces of the signage and display cases today that we initially had thought were missing. It was a relief to find that they were in fact hiding in another corner of the warehouse. There are still a few bits of the shop frontage missing, but they are mainly glass pieces which may have been damaged/destroyed during removal and not made it to the museum.


Hopefully we can now find a suitable home for it all. 

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I collected my Star Wars BluRay (or should that be BluRey? :P ), took it home and watched it. Oh and on the way out of the shop, I punched their cardboard cutout Kylo Ren. Because after everything he does in TFA, you do feel like punching him.





Same here although there was no Kylo Ren to punch :)

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