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The End Of U2 ? (Merged)

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What a sad day. Not just for music lovers all over the world, but for the band as well. 5 years now without an album. Too busy with Hollywood, too busy with spiderman, too busy with too many things but the one thing a great band is supposed to do.... MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY with MUSIC. Too caught up in all the BS of trappings, too worried about critical acclaim. This is really BAD!!  Did Renoir worry that the salon thought his masterpiece sucked!! I just saw some chucklehead somewhere tweet, this is because of POP & NOLOTH, nothing could be more ridiculous!! Not only do I think "Breath" is best song to come out period in the past ten years, but every song on those two albums is right behind it, and decades if not a century from now will go down as some of the greatest work ever put down!!!


Whatever happened to that fearlessness, from Boy, October, and War !!!


Isn't it really all about putting out as much as you can to try and make people happy, and just really knowing somewhere along the line some shit will stick and some will go supernova. Instead of all this being so picky you end up being stingy??   Tell me now, what do you think The Beatles, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin would say...... give me a break 


Adam, Bono, Larry, Edge... get a grip... get on with the music !!!

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The band with it's first former name is living up to Public Enemy's Flavor Flave's favorite mantra, 'DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE'.. Since 2012, all members of the band have made comments, statements and quotes to the media on when to expect the new album. These same quotes have been carried on from article to article for the last 2 years right up until now.. There has been a few new ones along the way all pointing out that it is SOON! The big one of course is Bono and Edge stating it will be out some time in June of 2014 with a tour announcement 


Now it has been indicated that it AGAIN has been pushed back to 2015! Before this announcement many fans were on the fence of subscribing for the ONLY perk of presales..Many have paid year after year to sustain their seniority group.. I started and paid from 2004-2010, After that I couldn't see the fee to being conducive..for the fact there has not been and still is, NO EXCLUSIVE CONTENT on U2.com and felt like a sucker being taken to the cleaners.. With outside arenas there were plenty of tickets, no need for presales.


Then comes the rumor of indoor arenas where demand always outweighs supply when it comes to U2 tickets.. Even I considered resubscribing because a couple of friends of mine were told by the man himself, Bono, that it will be indoors next time.. How can we as fans believe that? . Especially when he and the band have been stringing us along with these comments the last year and a half which are not true now...My Dad always said, "if you say you're going to do something, you gave your word, so do it! Other than that, no one will trust you"


I just recently saw a post from a moderator here saying, "Make sure you subscribe, you won't be disappointed'.. When asked to elaborate, there was no response.. Same holds true for another moderator on Face Book who said the same thing.. Lots of fence sitting fans saw this and resubscribed and new ones joined....FOR WHAT?  What I found was these statements were made in a way to pimp out this site and get your hard earned cash for another year while the band is in the buzz with a soundtrack song, charity single, potential new album release and tour.... So for those new subs that were on the fence, how do you feel about that? You  just paid for a years worth for .. well...nothing. , For those fans that pay year after year to keep your seniority status and can afford to, good on you.. For those that utilize the site and feel it was worth it, that's your opinion and I respect that.    .


U2 now partners with Live Nation and Madonna's manager, expect to pay big bucks. To see a band as Arcade Fire charging $81 plus fees for a GA ticket, be sure to see a higher price for a well established band as U2. That's IF there is a GA! So much for the hard core multi show fans being able to afford those shows if those prices are as high as expected.. seats will be in the $200 range and down to $100 in the nose bleeds


I love this band for the last 30 years, but now they are leaving a bad taste in my mouth,, I could go and on, but most of you know the deal.. With what surrounds them, they're coming across for the big pay day (as if the 360 gross profit wasn't enough) and carry each other straight to the bank, while we, the fans have carried them for decades..  :(  In the words of Joe Pesci from the movie 'Casino', "it's all about the dollars"... and nothing else matters IMO

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Good read Jake. I've been around the scene for a while. Just had my rant under topic title, "It's a sad sad day" Somehow down deep, sadly, I still believe it's all about two things.. a) The perfection, or trying so hard, it's like a monkey trap; just can't let go cause having a # 1 single matters more than anything. And  B) That un-replace-able, I call it; "heroin rush of the crowd roar". It really bummed me out when they started to drop Breath & No Line on the Horizon early in the 360 tour, in my opinion, not because they weren't happy with the tunes, but because they didn't get the "Rush"


As far as the base and the Ga's go, in my opinion, this is a totally different topic and or mindset from an album release, and you might be right with the new manager, but I would tend to think in this case that the band is still bigger than the manager, and for that matter way bigger still than Madonna, but in any event, it still strikes me as one of their primary cannons; that they have a dedication to follow thru in their honor with a throw back to the base with the $50- Ga's. It's been what 3 tours now anyway; as far as I know? I think I'd be more that a little surprised if thy broke form on that one.


Love the avatar, Think I'll copy with my baby pix!!      

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