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Which Producer Would Be Most Suitable For U2's New Album?

Which Pruducer(s) is(are) Most Suitable for U2's New Album?  

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  1. 1. Which Pruducer(s) is(are) Most Suitable for U2's New Album?

    • The Team Consisting of : Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois, Flood and Steve Lillywhite.
    • Ben Hillier
    • Mark 'Spike' Stent
    • Howie B
    • The Edge
    • Butch Vig
    • Rick Rubin
    • Quincy Jones
    • Danger Mouse
    • Mark Rhonson
    • Paul Epworth
    • Ryan Tedder
    • Nigel Godrich
    • will.i.am
    • Pharrell Williams (also known as member of the band N.E.R.D.)
    • Someone Else (You name him or her !).

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The Team consisting of : Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois, Flood and Steve Lillywhite




ben hillier

mark 'spike' stent

Butch Vig

nigel godrich

Quincy Jones


Someone Else (you name him !)


This was supposed to be a poll but I could barely create the thread as it is...

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I look forward to what Danger Mouse is doing.  I listened to Black Keys, El Camino and thought it was "sonically" the best sounding record since Achtung Baby.  So imagine my excitement when I heard they were working with the same producer.  That being said, I'll throw another person on the list. . . Mark Ronson.  His work on the last Duran Duran record was AMAZING! 


While I've always loved the Eno/Lanois team, I feel that the work on the last record missed something.  While they did great on some of the experimenting song (Unknown Caller, Moment, Fez), but it missed the commercial appeal. 

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