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20 Insanely Great U2 Songs Only Hardcore Fans Know

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Boomerangs 1 & 2 - Always little favourites of mine. B sides I think on 'Pride' as I recall.

(Hmmm - wonders where one put that double 7" single release, there was another track n there too that alludes me for now.)

Boomerang 2 could easily have sat well on The UF album as a track, given the album content. (great album! contender for their best album imo)

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"Another Day" - Not mainstream at all even though it was an early single release. Pure untarnished U2 at its original best! No sign of any kraft-werk whatsoever! lol

(switches to YOU TUBE to rapidly cheer oneself up!)

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I posted this on Rolling Stone's Facebook post about this article -


Fair start, but you left off some terrific tracks - U2's sublime cover of Porter's Night & Day and of Frank's I've Got You Under My Skin, B Sides - The Three Sunrises, God Part II, Dirty Day, Your Blue Room, and the many album deep cuts - An Cat Dubh, The Electric Co., Drowning Man, Surrender, Wire, Running to Stand Still, Red Hill Mining Town, One Tree Hill, Hawkmoon 269, Heartland, Gone, Wake Up Dead Man, In a Little While, Grace....

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