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New Album? Wot New Album? (Merged)

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Today in the studio in NYC By Jr  

Here's another quote and it is from me, "Release the f#ck#ing CD already!"

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The drum beats in the press and the headwinds out of Dublin would lead us to believe that new U2 music might be seeing the light of day very soon.

Early this year, Bono revealed to Dublin radio station, Sunshine 106.8FM, the working title for what will be their 13th studio album.

“Within the band we've been calling it 10 Reasons to Exist – but I will tell you we might have at least six of them," Bono said.

The band tried out new material during their last world tour, including "Boy Falls From the Sky" that was originally done for the Spider-Man Broadway musical, and the track "North Star" that was featured in the Transformers movies.

Two other songs that are rumored to possibly be part of the new album are "Soon" and "Winter." "Winter" was featured in two movies, Brothers and Linear, while "Soon" was used as an intro to concerts in 2010.

"U2 is on the verge of irrelevancy," Bono told Fashion and Style magazine recently. "We have to do something on this next album that is very, very special in order to have a reason to exist.”

“U2 has been beating the odds of being irrelevant for close to 20 years, since Rattle and Hum, and we had to find ways to keep ourselves fresh yet loyal to our fans which we love so much. We are still hungry and not ready to give up our spot as the biggest and best band in the world because we feel like we have much to offer...we are still as cool as we were in 2004 and even 1994."


Source: www.irishcentral.com

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Lazy sod, what's he doing with all his time, honestly napping on pavements pffft, that doesn't look like brainstorming to me!! He needs to get his arse up and get in the studio and create songs more uplifting than Moment of Surrender :o

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