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i wish U2 could forget about the crowds & tours & commercial songs,
and focus more on the composition of the songs and experiment more,
that's the kind of music I thought U2 were going to make when they got older,
but not anymore, do the opposite of what they have done,

but they are just repeating themselves over and over again... =(.. anyways....


more albums like passengers,,  ¡¡ =)

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One of my favorite things about U2 is that they're really open to experiment and always looking for new things. I can believe what Edge said about they were easy to work with and there is no preciousness, but I also can imagine why people get nervous when they go to work with them  :P


It's curious what he said about those samples and the cash they paid (I'm learning new details about music and so) - Of course it was worth and that was the right thing to do  :)


I knew something about the anecdote of the Nuremberg stadium but it was funny how he described it. That was a beautiful song to finish!


It's nice how they developed such a great friendship and introduced each other to their favorite activities in those different locations. It must be the spark that Howie said, not only while working together but in a personal level. They're smart looking for people who gives them that feeling, that extra little point


It's so exciting when you meet inspiring people that you instantly connect with. To discover that you have a lot of things to say, a lot of things to do together, and even better, when it turns out that you bond, and that person becomes a part of your life and your future. :)


I didn't know they shared a passion for Japan and the haikus and so!


Great detail what Howie said about the notepad! I'm sure they needed it as they were constantly working and creating new sounds  :lol:


Thanks a lot for posting that!!

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