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Adam Clayton: 'My drinking made it hard for the rest of U2 to put up with me'



U2 member Adam Clayton has opened up about how his depression led to issues with drinking.


Speaking to Ryan Tubridy on tonight's Late Late show, he said: “From a teenager onwards I always had a low level depression."
He explained that when he was working with the band, he was able to put it to the back of his mind - however that he also began to drink heavily.
“When I was working and on tour I was fine.
“My drinking increased and increased and increased and because I was successful it was covered up and taken care of.
He added that his drinking made him difficult to put up with at times.
“Anyone a little bit out of control and drinking too much can be difficult.
He explained that missing a show in Australia in 1993 was a turning point.
“That was the end of my world. The only thing I wanted to do was be in a band a perform great songs.”
Clayton revealed that his bandmates sat him down and told him of their concerns.
“ I don't think depression was such a big issue only it led to the drinking and the drinking worsened it.
“I saw the guys in the band the same age as me having much more productive lives than I was.
“I had string of failed relationships and a string of excuses as to why my life wasn’t going well and a string of excuses why I wasn’t as good a musician as I used to  be".
He said that after meeting Eric Clapton, he was convinced that he needed to go to rehab to overcome his issues.
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I watched the interview and I saw Adam really well. I'm really glad how everything's finally going much better with his life  :)


I think what they do is so important, because they are giving people the opportunity to get some help that maybe they couldn't get otherwise. Or just encouraging people to seek help, because as they said, sometimes people aren't conscious of their own mental problems or they are indecisive about looking for help.


I find very surprising the fact that despite he was having so much success and living a privileged life, he felt empty, as he said days ago in the launch of the campaign. But he explained it when he told that things were not going so well in his personal life and how his drinking increased, and that was only worsening his depression.


That made me think that nobody is immune to problems despite being in a privileged position, or even that same position could put you in a vulnerable place sometimes (I mean the pressure, the lack of privacy or the fact that his problems were covered up because of the success) He really was having a great time, but the problem didn't dissapear...


The interview also made me think about other things (not specifically related to Adam):


I thought that sometimes problems when not solved or properly managed early, can spiral really quick and get a person into a much worse problem. Sometimes people are mixed up in things which they are not responsible for, but ultimately it's in our hands how we're going to respond to that. And external help from professionals is key, as they can give good and crucial advise that help people solve the problems. Maybe without that help, people wouldn't be able to recover at all, all alone.


Another thing I thought that goes in the same line as what the girl said, is how there's some false ideas about happiness is society. Ideas that have to do with money, or what's considered a success for society. And moreover, what society expects from people to do or to be. Sometimes true a**holes get support from society because they have the perfect cover or something. Sometimes what you want to do goes against society's conformity. And sometimes it's not someting you don't realise inmediatly, because there are some very subtle ways in which society tries to control people. I mean you can feel perfectly normal and it turns up you're being really really annoying for some!!! Who cares, I think it must be a quesiton of assuming what you are  :D


There's a lot going on here  :P

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It takes a villiage. seriously.


Professionals are paid and cannot come home with you, and often are callous and burned out or just not with the program really.


You MUST have a support system around you, such a friends, families and neighbors.


But the people in your "village" must actually care about you for real.


Sometimes even people with all the "friends" in the world still die from deep despair.


Sometimes, its all a mirage or an illusion and you're the loneliest person in the world-surrounded by "friends".


Kurt Cobain comes to mind.

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