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The World Cup Thread

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When we heard about the japanese ref. (sorry I can't remember his name) we didn't like it at all!

In 2010 he's already made a mistake, against Brazil. It was when we lost, so bad memories from him.

I'm not saying he was right yesterday but that it wasn't the first time he did something wrong. So, for me, is Fifa's fault.

And Oscar scored in the end of the match, the result would be the same.

In my opinion, the best player - and person - in Brazil is David Luiz.


For girls, the best news is: Leo Di Caprio in the middle of the crowd!  :wub:



he was so good in that movie with Martin Scorsese, "The wolf of Wall Street"...

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Fernanda, are you going to any of the matches?


How is your community?


any more protestors and unrest?


Unfortunately no.


The tickets were very expensive and so hard to buy. You had to fill a form and wait for a raffle... only those people could buy them and you couldn't choose the match, so maybe you could be able to buy a ticket for a match in another state and you would have to travel, which means spend more money.


There were some protests yesterday but they didn't interfere in any of the games.

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We seem to do this every 4 years, so....




Less than a week to go until the biggest sporting event of the year kicks off in Brazil !



Who are you cheering for ?








I had a blast on our last world cup thread with all of the banter during the games with the zootops around the world. Unfortunately this time around I'm at work for most of the games. But I'm definitely going to watch when I can.

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When will it be over?!  :P  *runs way* 


*comes running back, skids to a halt...*


I tell a lie, I do have some interest in football, you know, like, how to stay fit and healthy and to keep running...just keep running.. ;)





Yum!  :P  B)

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