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R.i.p. Casey Kasem -The Man Who Made Countdown's Coast To Coast.

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this just kills me bc my dad and he worked together for dick clark.


I can say it now, bc theyre all freaking dead.


I used to be so protective.


I grew up with a dad who worked at many different radio stations in different states, and knew casey.


I remember going into the studio with these walls of shelving, all packed solid with albums.


and all of his crazy sound effects buttons and switches..he tried to teach me how to do sound editing, but I was too impatient.


I hate ipods personally. Just another little gizmo to misplace like my cell phone, or drop in the toilet!


I listen to my dads cd recordings of his broadcasts he made for me, and just cry and cry and cry.


but at least I have his soothing voice to listen to for all eternity....


a true gift to make for your children to have.


casey and his last wishes issues, are very important to discuss with your loved ones, and to do it now, not later.

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Wow, Spicy. I'm so sorry for you for the loss of your Dad.


My dad also made me many recordings of music. Although my dad was on the radio for awhile, he wasn't a dj for life, & his recordings were not of his show. He made recordings of music for me because I was studying an instrument seriously & he shared a love of that music & was encouraging that.


For one thing, he was so glad that I didn't need to be made to study an instrument. I'm the one who wanted to, & I loved it & took to it so well.


*Sigh.* His recordings for me are so special to me - the fact he did that for me.

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I loved the American Top 40 as a kid. Never missed it every Sunday night. When people like Casey pass away it like losing a part of your childhood. RIP Casey.

so glad to hear it!!


did you tape them as well?


it is indeed, like losing a part of your childhood, and its painful.


we owe a lot to casey for providing us so much of the music of our lives!

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I think you can still listen to American Top 40 with Casey Kasem. Heard it on the radio somewhere??


Loved listening to him, he had a happy, gentle voice. It was always exciting listening to who was Number #1!

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