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How Would You Solve A World Problem?


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Unemployment in Britain and America

Bees facing extinction


Apparently it will cost 1.6 billion (not sure if dollars or sterling) if we lost all the bees

I am unaware how this figure was arrived at.


We would need to go round all the flowers and blooms ourselves to achieve pollination


20 million people in Britain and America at least, classed as unemployed, living off benefits, scroungers.


We are not scroungers we want to work and as far as I see it the musicians of the world are paying our benefits NOT the governments


If we lose the bees we will go out into the countryside and pollinate - we will take the place of the bees

We will be very healthy from all the exercise

We will be happy working with nature

We will help save the planet and the human race from extinction

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Wait a minute.


Are you suggesting the unemployed be sent out to pollinate flowers, while the rest of the people do nothing, as an alternative to non-violent but immediate overthrow of inept and corrupt governments worldwide?


*(keyboard issues, editing on the fly...all done now.)

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Here's how you start, you start by living it in your own life. Living a good life, being kind to others, when you see someone in need and you are in a position to help - don't ignore them, do something. Don't hurt others. If you do, apologise. Be humble. 


There is far too much hostility in the world now. Grabbing, and get out of my way, move it or lose it mentality. 


Change starts with you, it does not mean you are perfect, but you can try your best, that is all that is expected of us. If something is put on your heart, then do it, don't just sit down channel surfing, get on with what you are supposed to be doing. 


Don't get me wrong, catch me on a bad hair day and I can be exhausted and not wanting to engage with the world. But we all have a responsibility to do our bit. 


Hope that makes sense. 

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