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I dont think they actually will release a single from the album I'm not sure how they can to be honest, or who would buy it?


Everyone who WANTS the album will have it well in advance of the physical release.


The odd person will buy a physical copy too but I can't see it getting enough physical sales to rank highly in the charts.


Perhaps the next album is going to be the big single/mainstream album then they've had the best of both worlds.

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7/10 for me. Here's my thoughts on each track after quite a few listens. Of course these are just my opinions. Happy to hear/ read what others think about the new album!


The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone) - The song could've been a real classic (and you can tell they're trying really hard with this one, perhaps a little too hard), but the chorus is disjointed and just kind of breaks up the song. The rest of the song really has a lot of great stuff going on, but the chorus really lets it down.


Every Breaking Wave - Nice enough song, but sounds like a lot of other middling U2 songs on the last few albums. Not offensive, but also not a standout.


California (There is No End to Love) - A very atypical song for them, especially lyrically. I quite like this one overall. The Beach Boys influences are really nice touch. The only aspect of it that really nags at me is the fuzzy synth in the background of the chorus that makes it sound overproduced. In my opinion, if they're looking for a big radio hit off the album this is it.


Song for Someone - This song really doesn't go anywhere for me. It relies on the Edge's "chiming" guitar sound too much and lacks a strong vocal or lyric. Like a lot of weaker tracks from their last few albums, the song falls back on the same old U2 (since All That You Can't Leave Behind) guitar/synth sounds and just feels like U2-by-the-numbers more than anything.


Iris (Hold Me Close) - More of the "chiming" Edge guitar sound in the vein of "Where the Streets Have No Name" and "City of Blinding Lights". This one is better than "Song for Someone", but still not a highlight of the album


Volcano - The newest song in the mould of "Elevation", "Vertigo", and "Get On Your Boots". These songs just never strike me as U2's strong point. They very clearly designed them to be hits, but they're over-the-top, lyrically silly, and come off as trying too hard. That's not to say this song is terrible it's just one of the reasons I think non-hardcore fans get tired of later-day U2 on the radio.


Raised by Wolves - One of the highlights of the album for me. Song has a really raw, emotional feel to it. Everything they're trying in this song really comes together. Bono's strongest vocal of the album by a mile. Feels very much like they captured a little bit of early U2 in a bottle here.


Cedarwood Road - That's two albums in a row mentioning cedars in a song title. Hooray cedars! Overall one of the better tracks on the album and good follow-up to "Raised by Wolves". The Edge gets some nice bluesy guitar in there and the lyrics are strong. Like a lot of the better songs on this album it is just a solid, competent song overall. Doesn't compare with the great songs they've done, but it's still strong.


Sleep Like a Baby Tonight - Aside from the great Edge guitar solo at the end, this one's really just a snoozer. Has a lot of Danger Mouse influence as well. Again not offensive, but not a track you'll remember most likely.


This is Where You Can Reach Me Now - Nice upbeat tune that keeps the momentum going throughout the whole song. Great guitar licks by the Edge and a good performance from Bono as well. Not a classic, but still a welcome addition to the album.


The Troubles - This song really has the Danger Mouse "cinematic" sound, specifically the strings in the background that remind me of the album Rome which he did with Jack White and Norah Jones. Hard to get used to someone singing on a U2 song that is not Bono or one of the other band members. I think this might be only the second song in all of their catalog to do so (not counting the Green Day song, or other duets). It's not a bad song, but it really doesn't seem to go anywhere and just fades off in the end. To me this could be a Danger Mouse solo song that he just invited Bono to do lyrics and vocals on. Was really hoping for something a little more uplifting or emotional at the end, which never materializes.


In the end, this is a fine album and I would probably rank it in the lower middle of the pack as far as U2 albums go. It shares a lot of similarities with all of their albums post-2000. I'd say it's more successful than No Line on the Horizon overall, but doesn't have a true immediate classic like "Magnificent". They're mining the same space sonically, but this is a more consistent album featuring more straight-ahead song writing with less meandering, formless songs/experiments. Personally I thought "Invisible" and "Ordinary Love", their two latest non-album singles before this, were better than anything here, but it is nice to see them still making some captivating music. Plus, the price is hard to beat!

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Evey Breaking Wave is AWESOME.


Invisible sounded like Coldplay in the beginning.

Ordinary Love sounds better on the closing credits to A Long Walk To Freedom than it does the single version pre-dating its release.


But neither are anywhere as good as Every Breaking Wave.

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I like the cohesive story behind the songs of reflecting on your past as you move to the next phase of life.  Memories float through Iris, Cedarwood Road, and California, all great songs.  But I am a fan of U2 for innovations and yes there are a few here like Troubles and Raised by Wolves, overall i hear a lot of HTDAAB and that drive for a pop hit, which I appreciate and respect but miss a bit of the mystery.  

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At last



Some great stuff on this new album, also some so so, run of the mill filler tracks


Many of the tracks sound rough and not quite finished


Looking forward to buying the album on CD format and getting the forthcoming singles on CD (hopefully)



It's the lossy compression. m4a's are a terrible way to determine the true quality of an audio track.

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