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POLL: Is The New Album 'Great'?


Is the album "great"?  

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I voted "Good" - Volcano by far my most favorite track.


A lot of great musical ideas, but not sure that resulted in a "great" album.


If there was a category for "Very Good" I would have put it there - a notch below great...

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Tough call. Still listening. I voted "Good" but could be great over time. 


My biggest struggle is I think the best songs are on the back end: Sleep like a baby; where you can reach me; troubles. Raised by wolves; 


If I could do the order (may change with more listens - I've given it about 8-10 listens) - 


1. Sleep Like A Baby 

2. The Troubles

3. Cedarwood Road

4. This Is Where You Can Reach Me

5. Raised By Wolves

6. Iris

7. The Miracle

8. Volcano

9. Song for Someone

10. Every Breaking Wave

11. California


That's not to say the songs on the back end are lesser songs. But, I am reminded of the Joshua Tree (the first 5 songs blow your doors off - the next group are all phenomenal - but they are of a different sort - slightly more mellow in most instances but still great). I would have liked the album to be strong at the start with power. And, I think it actually would get higher ratings from critics with an order similar to this. 

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To be great it would have to be up there with JoshuaTree, & Achtung  Baby. Is it better than Unforgettable Fire? Is it better than War? Nope; it's just good, not great. I have been a U2 fan sense I was 12 years old back in the Joshua Tree days. U2 is my favorite band. 

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Superb album.  I love Volcano and Every Breaking Wave - in fact all the songs are great!!!


I have followed U2 since Boy was released. I have every official U2 CD/album that has ever been released, including truck loads of bootlegs.  SOI is a cracker - I was hooked after the first listen.  Can't wait to see the band overseas and in my country, Australia, in 2015. 

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I've just finished listening the new album. It's brilliant !


Now I understand Bono explaining this album is about songs. It is, completly.


I love the refined sounds, like if they were worked profundly. I also like Bono's voice very much, it sounds like early days very clear and pure, like if something inside was released finally.


"Every breaking wave" is exquisite. Beautiful poetic lyrics that match perfect the sweat melody. Lovely. My favorite so far.



In this era is no important achieve greatness, the important thing is to do it right, very well done, and this album feels that way, a very well done musical art. Every word and every sound is very enjoyable, you can hear this for long long time and it continues making sense.


Congrats U2 and thank you again.

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