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POLL: Is The New Album 'Great'?


Is the album "great"?  

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U2 is Over. after "POP MART" nobody says that but it is the truth, 

without eno & lanois they cannot make another master piece not because of eno & lanois

but 'cos Bono & The Edge Think they are into the right direction but they are not,

larry and adam are the only one that can save U2 again,

SOI is so boring,, to be honest. after hearing it for 8 times I don't want to hear ever again.,,

so mellow.. and no ricks ¡¡¡ at ALL... no experimentation, they just want the world at their feet that is all their ambition...

nothing more ... after POP ... I think u2 felt like carp cos they give their fans so much that nobody undertood,

that they said: let's never do that again... the lyrics are boring... the songs are boring anyone can writte that can of songs...

the BEST U2 is when they are kind of EVIL hehe.. when they are GOOD,, noup... boring.. mellow and lost feelings... "kind of"

SOI sounds like whitney houston...... the chorus are so damn wrong... sounds like the killers... and trying to fu..up.. Coldplay..haha

wtf... coldplay could never touch u2 they don't have 4 members with that great talent... but it is over.. maybe in 10 years they could make another great album in the

meantime.. we have these boring songs for u2 lovers and when Bono says that bloggers are people that used to write on the walls of toilets ¡¡¡¡ HAHAHAHA...

damn... he doesn't get it at all.. too old to get back to earth bono... they think because they can fill a stadium with 80,000 humans they are right

THE PEOPLE go to U2 shows to hear: STreets.. I still. sunday... one... miss sarajevo.. zooropa, U2 is just the .5% of what they used to be..

it is not about the producers 'cos eno and lanois is trying to make them WAKE UP again but even they CAN't--- so I guess.. the game is over..

the good thing is that they did it... after 1998.. U2 is not U2 anymore.. just dust in the air.

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hear the lastests Daniel Lanois album ¡¡¡¡ that is good music.... Hear Brian eno lastets album that is real music...

u2 is over guys... sorry but that is the truth.. and BRIAN ENO was right when he said that U2 is the ABBA of our time...

any way.. good bye ..  U2 thanks for making acthung baby, and the joshua tree...let's hear new music ...

let's change the page.. u2 should retire at least for 10 years.. I love the old U2 not the new one..the first 2 decade were AMAZING..

the rest is just boring... obvious music... they cannot blow the world again like they did in the past not because they are old ...

but because unconsciously lost their way... any way... I will listen to POP tonight wow that was a very good album too..

they used to took riscts.. not anymore.. too much money maybe.... who knows..

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...it's happened, it (SOI) has gone from very good to great....

I don't know about everyone else, but I have this thing that the songs have to grow and grow and grow, bit by bit,

then one day something just clicks and "we have lift off.."

It's hard to describe, it obviously hasn't happened for George Zambra :(

There are songs that click from day one occasionally,(the troubles) but mostly they just keep on getting better and better until they reach the stratosphere :D

I never worry if I don't like a U2 song at first because 9 times out of 10, I will love it in the end.

It's got to the stage now where if I don't like a song- I think there must me something wrong with me, not the song-(must- try- harder!)


Yeah, I secretly believe all non U2 fans MUST TRY HARDER- it's not the songs -it's YOU!!! :lol:

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The second half of the album from Volcano to The Troubles is probably my favourite second half of any album they have made..maybe apart from Achtung Baby. I think the second half is fantastic. The first half is very good but I cant get into Iris for some reason, I know it's about Bono's mother but I wish they had put Crystal Ballroom or Lucifer's Hands on the album instead of it. Apart from that I'm loving the album.. ;))

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Crystal Ballroom or Lucifer's Hands great songs...

better than the album . I think songs of experience is going to be just that,

and I KNOW they don't have the songs YET, jeje, obesely, but in the end,

of course it is going to be better. SONG of experience,

that is the U2's trick they are playing .

the othe problem for U2 is that people KNOWS " how they PLAY the game "..

so they cannot fool people any more.. and they repeat the same thing over and over and over again..

they sound very very STUCK. no matter how much they try.. must be the age.. who knows.

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