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POLL: Is The New Album 'Great'?


Is the album "great"?  

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Hello Zoo.


I'm a long-time listener, first time talker ?

I think the album is fantastic. It reminds me of Auctung Baby - It grabs you by the scruff of the neck, Gently !! 


It really is outstanding how they can express an emotion, through a particular sound & a word.


" sleep like a baby tonight " & " song for someone " are straight in to my all time favourites.

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The album is amazing. They are clever, this album was well needed. Less is definitely more with Bono's amazing voice and the whole band sound amazing. I really think this album will change the opinions of quite a few people who are not fans. This could bring them a lot more. I've loved U2 for a long time and already I've seen for myself people I know loving the album but were not fans before. It is amazing to see Bono sing with just the guitar on tv interviews.

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My first thoughts were that this was a good album and this what I still think 3 months on and 20 (ish) listens.



In fact NLOTH is a better album.


EBW is a lovely song (don't understand why they didn't use the acoustic version as the album version?) but Unkown Caller is better.


Fez/Born Again is superior to anything on SOI.


Stand Up for Comedy is lyrically and musically better than Volcano.


Despite all this I am looking forward to the live shows. SOI will sound great live but then again that was part of the intention in the writing process.

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I love the way this band is aging....they get more profound and more personal with every album, they seem to really be in touch with themselves and their fans...and they keep the rock & roll edge and the volume! This makes them GREAT! I love them more and more with every album!

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that WHY U2 is losing FAns... bad cover,, bad album, a bad tour.

more blinded new fans. less art.. ZOO TV MOOD.

Hey George, its ok that you dont like SOI.

U2 were my absolute fave band through the 80's but I really didnt get their 90s stuff and I ignored their 00s stuff.

But i totally love SOI and cant stop listening to it.

so, give them 10 or 20 years and theyll come up with something youll love again!!!!!


Too bad you lost track of them in the 90's...some of their BEST work...everyone hated POP...it was a game changer for them...made them the incredible LIVE band they are today! If they would've kept going exactly like they were on Joshua, we wouldn't be having this conversation today, they would not be as relevant...Listen again....POP surely one of my favorites....have an open mind and listen again....

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I'm not that keen on this new U2 album.  I find a lot of the songs very weak and dull.   The song Volcano is for me the most awful song U2 have recorded.  When Bono is sining the word Volcano he seems out of sync.  California is again just weak. The performances of these songs on BBC Jools Holland proved my point.  The last two songs on this album are weak also.  Nothing there. The album just fades out with two bland songs.  It's almost like a jam, a session demo. 


For the largest band in the world, who are set in stone alongside the Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who and Pink Floyd, i find this album weak in comparison to other great artists.  I also didn't care for No Line on the Horizon.   Since How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb 10 years ago, U2 have gone an produced two average albums in the last 10 years. 


The artwork does not appeal to me either.  Larry holding is son? I would of preferred a rock photo of the whole band in black & white.  


As a plus point i like these songs.....


Miracle (of Joey Ramone)

Every Breaking Wave


Song For Someone


To say this is the best U2 album, better than Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby, Unforgetable Fire, War, Zooropa, All That You Can't Leave Behind, is really a step too far.

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