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POLL: Is The New Album 'Great'?


Is the album "great"?  

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I think it's brilliant. And I got the accoustic sessions SOI+ disc too. If that isn't U2 "putting it out there" I don't know what is. It showcases their undeniable talent as musicians and the CD is what I would have wished for if it hadn't existed. Accoustic "Raised by Wolves" is a stripped back tour de force. SOI+ is the perfect complement to SOI.

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mmmm............. maybe I am the only one in this world aho thinks u2 lost their way... and SOI

is a terrible album... I love the old u2 "first 2 decades" the third... mmm... not really a fan...

and SOI I think is their worst album... in this order.. worst u2albums..


1 - SOI

2 - October


4 - the rest is much better.. ¡ =) u2 Take BRIAN ENO BACK ¡¡¡¡¡

... I miss brian eno inside of u2... he is like the fifth member...


he make u2 sound better... simple as that,. damn.. and he is old.. =(

the good thing is tha eno has a lot of Great albums.. and lanois too ¡¡ good music is good music...

good songs are gonna be good somgs forever.. bad songs are bad songs.. sorry but that is the truth.. it is not taste..

but The result of hard work.. and brain work... anyway... I think u2 should come to mexico to live for a few years instead of usa...  mexico is a very surrealist country,, maybe I can teach the edge some new guitar Tricks..haha

to make "Songs of Experience" THE THIRD U2 "masterpiece" ... they need one now.. more than even..

and the only way to get it is risking everything.. I think Danger Mouse is a Terrible Producer.. too bad..

that's why the album is too bad... DAMN... I Had Lost All Hope in U2.. my brother tells me he is going to the show

when they come to mexico.. but not me.. it is a waiste of money and time.. and what for¿?

POP MART was their last real Tour.. Elevation tour was ok... they sound really good in Elevation tour..

but it was too "controled" no Risks.. anyway.. maybe is 'cos bono Got inside politics too much ...

they bought his Brains.. haha.. just joking.. The Fly mode... ¡ --------  u2 -------- they used to be my idols.. damn..

not anymore.. I guess no one can do that job these days.. cold is 200% Crap... I miss the real INXS.. DM is on the same place as u2.. kind of.. no more masterpieces.. only some good songs ..age I guess.. who knows..

too much talking ... Less Talk and More Action.. I have to get back making Music.. =)


¡ Good Day ¡ =)

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If I had voted when the album came out I would have said it was good based on unrealistic expectations. Now that I've revisited it after a few months I think it is great. It's a lot like Peter Gabriel's Us in my mind. A bit restrained but evocative and genuine. I will go to this album more than I have past albums.

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Yes. It is great. It is a real creeper: songs that on a first listen seemed a waste of time, have become completely addictive. After hundreds of listens to SOI and SOI+ I'm still getting to love some of these songs. It is a complete package that is rivalling UF as my favourite album ever. Thanks U2!

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it's a ok album.. not out of this world.. anyone can make take kind of music..

u2 used to push the music foward.. not anymore.. if you don't experiment you don't advance in music, and in any art oin fact.

sounds like the killers and coldplay but with the edge and bono.. nothing very hard to do...

if that record were from a X band.... nobody will listen to it.. maybe a few.,,,

that why u2 is going down so quickly.. and it looks that they are not planing to do any changes about it..

if you hear GONE from POP and compare that to any song from SOI ... damn.. forget about it... "GONE" is too good., or If "God will.." or "Even better" or "Please" or "Daddy's gonna" or "Bullet the blue"...... en fin ... I think they New goal is to make money from touring   ...  not to make GReat Records following by a Great Tour.. not ending like the rolling stones.. just touring to promote your music.. they forgot about the "Music" ... in the end it is not the DVD.. in 200 Years... will be about the Songs... not the impact of touring or fame..etc..

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