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POLL: Is The New Album 'Great'?


Is the album "great"?  

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On the whole, pleasantly surprised. Not all I hoped for, but to me, when you have albums like "The Joshua Tree", "Achtung Baby", "Boy", songs like "Bad", "The Unforgettable Fire" "Hawkmoon 269" "Love Rescue Me" "All I Want Is You" etc to compare to (ALL THOSE BEING LIKE THE BEST ALBUMS (of anyone's) I've ever heard. It's hard to make comparisons. Both good, and bad to me is what seems like U2 scared to repeat or regurgitate themselves (which we all want U2 to sound like U2) Even with Achtung Baby, behind all the "experimental" sounds, voice distortion,etc .They were still themselves. Bono sang his heart out like he did live from 1980-1989, and the lyrics were still passionate, U2. One thing I haven't liked since 2005 with new stuff was the lyrics have suffered in some songs, or they have overproduced the albums to where, each subsequent album the albums on the whole are less great (even with some great songs in them). HTDAAB had a good sound, kinda meshing Boy with ATYCLB. 3 or so songs I didn't like so much, No Line last half of the album I didn't care for at all and too overproduced, layered whatever, and too slow not enough rock, guitar, and lyrics just didn't make me care (except for "No Line..." and "Moment of Surrender", and to a lessor degree, "I'll Go Crazy and Magnificent" (Why the Bside from "Brothers" and NLONTH movie wasn't put on that album in place of like "Cedars of Lebanon" is beyond me. (things like that have been driving me crazy since 2005.SOOOO, as for "Songs of Innocence" Well, Didn't like the first song much. (I haven't been blown away by first singles since "The Fly"). "Vertigo grew on me and was good live. I was 16, completely blown away by The Fly, Lyrically, it seems MUCh better than No Line. Only thought 3-4 songs on No Line were REALLY good. (Title cut and Moment of Surrender) and fell flat to me because there was no "Bad, Where the Streets, One Who's Gonna Ride, Mysterious Ways, The Fly, So Cruel, With or Without,,,etc, etc. I fell totally in love and was obsessed with U2 (from aged 14 , 1989 when I heard "With or Without You" on the radio, I listened to The Joshua Tree, then R&Hum, Boy all the way down waiting for their next album. I also around 1990-1991 got really into The Cure, NIN, Ministry, Nitzer Ebb, Depeche Mode, James, Pearl Jam some. and so when Achtung Baby came out and I saw "The Fly" video. OMG their harder, more industrial sound blew me away. I also loved Zooropa, Pop was a mess, all of the experimentation, without the soul I guess, (really Pop and No Line are the only albums I never fell in love with) Saw U2 live 10-16-1991 Dallas ZOO TV, amazing, saw them Dallas arena in 2000-01? amazing, saw them in Denver 2005, blew me away because they played a lot from Joshua Tree, Rattle, Achtung Baby, new album was good live and they play Into the Heart, An Cat Dubh, and closed with Yaweh and "40" like in the 80, amazing, and saw them 360 tour Norman, Ok I was in VIP not as good as Denver show, but

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(CONT) first time I heard "The Unforgettable Fire" live was awesome.  Just some background about what I loved (and love about U2) albums and live to say that there is something about the choruses of some of the songs over Innocence and No Line that just when you think they are going to take off and soar like Where the Streets or Bad or something they hold back or come down, or stop. Like I like "Iris" but it has potential to go so much further when the chorus hits and Bono sings the first line of "Hold me Close..." I thought it was going to  take it off. and then it didn't,, Whole album less, Edge than I would have liked, I want them to just go hard, and/ or faster and just go at it like a true punk band (like they always state influenced them). or just jam like the end of "The Ground Beneath Her Feet".  Anyway, in order of my favorites to ones I really liked (the good news is there isn;t a song on this album that is bad or that I doidn;t care for like with NO LINE, so I'm excited to go see them on tour again. REALLY love SONG FOR SOMEONE, IRIS, THE TROUBLES, SLEEP LIKE A BABY,,,,then VOLCANO IS NOT GREAT but I like it, CEDARWOOD starts off good and harder , then didn't go where I hoped it was going, Every Breaking WAVE is really good However, saying all that....I hope still that if this 2nd album , "Songs of Experience", comes off harder and darker, edgier (pun intended) then I will be ecstatic and feel like a teenager myself again, because Bono, to me, in 1988-1993 was my Joey Ramone,  and made everything make sense.

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"Songs of Innocence" IS great....maybe one of their best! The joy of U2, is their ability to create a humble masterpiece, then turn it into an unforgettable treasure when they play it live! No rock act out there can compare to their musicianship or their on-stage power! U2... the BEST!

Let the nay-sayers go, when U2 goes on tour with this album, it will be another record-breaker! Can't wait...turn it up Captain!

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I've listened to U2 for 34 years now... I think this is one of their finest albums since ATYCLB. There isn't a bad song on it and the sound is new yet instantly recognisable. It took me a few days to hear if Larry was having a good time as I always worry if he feels he is being replaced by drum programming! If he is happy I reckon the rest of the band are -  and he is deep in there really playing well. Bono has upped his lyrical content way beyond NLOTH and the Adam's bass is inventive and clear. The Edge, as always, shines magnificently -  you get the feeling he tries so hard and brings so much to the band continually driving their sound forward while retaining their sound. Great stuff - a brilliant album let down only by the crazy release strategy - this music is worth money and I would have paid. Perhaps a new management strategy... I wonder what Paul McGuinness thinks about it?

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