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POLL: Is The New Album 'Great'?


Is the album "great"?  

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I've listened to the album 3 times and I think it's Great! it's like 'Boy' and *POP* have collided on this album  B)

Whoa... I really like this description. Well said, BB. Now that I think about it in this light, I have to agree -- especially since I've been playing U2's entire discography since 9/10 to give Songs of Innocence some historical U2 context.

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I think Songs of Innocence is great. While, of the last three albums, I *loved* No Line on the Horizon the most and was hoping for more experimentalism in that regard, I do like the direction Songs... takes. It's a back-to-the-roots move without being a blatant back-to-the-sound move of ATYCLB.

I read that the band, Rush, goes through 3-album cycles but I think it can be said U2 has as well:


1) Boy, October, War: The "raw" albums

2) TUF, TJT, R&H: The "refined" albums

3) AB, Zooropa, Pop: The "electro" albums

4) ATYCLB, HTDAAB, NLOTH: The "really long title" albums (ok, ok, more like "The back-to-the-1990 fork in the road and down the other path" albums)

5) Songs of Innocence, Songs of Experience (assumed), Songs of Ascent (hoped/wished for): The "next move" albums

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Although all of the songs are very good, none of them stand out as 'great' to me. My favorites are Iris, The Troubles, The Miracle, and Every Breaking Wave. I think there should be another option of 'very good'. I would choose that if it was available.

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MJG3, I love your perspective !!!

Must be my Romanian heritage.  ;) Grandpop came over to the US with his parents in 1922 when he was 2.


 Wow ! Do you know from which region of Romania did his family come from ?


That would be Constanţa, though I would have to ask my dad or his extended family whether that is the county or the city proper. 

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