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What Song Did You Wake Up With In Your Head?


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Broken Arrow, Robbie Robertson

That was the first tune that came into mind and for a couple reasons.


My country, Canada is dealing with an ugly legacy in which Native children were once taken away from families and communities and placed in foster families, residential schools and many abused in numerous brutal ways.


I reflect on Native spiritualism which I believe is mystical, sincere and incredibly connected to nature. Much of Native art the same and in R.R. album, this sense of inspiration and romanticized unknown comes through beautifully. And thankfully, does not close a door in expressing that I am not one of them, but keeps it unlocked and allows us to peak inside and possibly get pulled in enough to appreciate what was and hopefully will be again, a stoic, confident  and spectacular culture.


R.R. album is stunning and one of the finest ever made in my opinion. A lot of support, including members of U2. So in listening to CBC radio and hearing more discussion on the residential school issue from years gone by, my mind turned to the Native musical 'healer' - R.R.

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