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What Song Did You Wake Up With In Your Head?


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This is kind of funny to me. I was studying , learning a new mantra. So this car going by, booming out Pink Floyd, another brick in the wall, just a couple of lines.. So here's how it went in my Mind


Oh Sri Rama Jaya Rama

(we don't need no education)



Jaya Jaya (Jaya) Rama

(we don't need no thought control)

(I take poetic license for the extra Jaya)


Bono mentions Mahatma Gandhi often, and this is the mantra he practiced most of his life since he was a boy.

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they say schitzophrenia and ocd is a fine line between genius and insanity i dont need thought control either 

but i like to be told an answer when i ask a question so yes i like education

never liked brick in the wall its too rebellious which wont end too good.....!!!!


i want to kiss you all over and over again

was what i woke up with

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That song sounds more like Krishna, the original Rock Star.


Jay means salutations ! Ram is the preserver. This mantra turns negatively into positive energy.

I was interpreting the educational angle as more of a resistance of colonialism.

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