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I DON'T like it,Anyone else?

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Funnily enough, Mark, I disagree. I've been a fan since the 80s and loved NLOTH, the accompanying tour and everything it stood for. I loved the outdoor shows and the fact they weren't afraid of playing new songs. 


That - like you - doesn't mean to say I'm not averse to criticism of their new output. I agree the sound quality must be good, mind. 

I also loved NLOTH (and Pop). Zooropa was the one album that was a headscratcher for me, but I've warmed up to it over time. It was the album that got me (heavily) into Johnny Cash, though. So there's that. :)

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Not over keen on The Miracle it seems to not flow as a song. it's like it's had different songs put into it, and that Santa Barbara is a terrible start to a song, almost as bad as the first minute of fez. Other than that I'm liking it,,,, Wolves, iris, EBW, SFS should be good live, hopefully they'll scrape the acoustic idea and vary the set

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Gibbo sounds like a bit of an arse. Wise up mate - you like half the album by the sounds of it. You'll be fine. 


Cheers for the description


 Apologies, no offence intended. 

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Its took me a while to make up my mind on this album , my first thoughts scanning through the songs were that it wasn't great but being a long time follower of u2 and remebering how my  favorite u2 songs took a while to get into i had to give it a chance

Unlike most of u2 albums theres about 4 that i do not like to the extent that i think i will delete them from my playlist

and theres one or two i like but not loving




The Miracle

every breaking wave

song for someone



I think those songs and some parts of songs i enjoy hit levels of spiritulism that i cant go along with. its not that i disagree with the lyrics meaning ..its just i dont listen to music for the self help vibe

I like music to take me away from normal life shit. 


the rest i absolutley love and playing them over and over like ive always done with u2

Im not dissapointed with U2 or the album in general .. im enjoying listening to my favorite band

I remember getting into u2 when i was about 15 at school my friend  was playing the Joshua tree album on his walkman lol

I got addicted and listened to all their earlier music and new stuff since

I remember back then playing the Rattle n hum album over and over a million times praying that they would make another couple of albums.

I think if you are like me and you have had so much enjoyment from the music and have respect for the band as musicians and people

your greatful even if there were only one or two songs that you love.

Im amazed by u2 really , they have made some brilliant songs recently like Ordinary love and Invisable.

and with another album expected after this one its great !

Theres a couple of things i'd like to remind people about u2 and its why i  find it hard to understand why u2 attract so many haters ....

Unlike many bands in my time u2 have always maintained a high , the highest level of proffesionalism and decency .

U2 have never shown a poor example to young people in any way , they have never promoted drugs , voilence or had to create a bad image in any way to get where they are today.

Also in there personal lives there have been no scandals etc 


I think the hate u2 attract is mainly at Bono because he promotes a lot of charitable stuff and they dont trust him

they think he does it because of an Ego trip

maybe it is to some extent but who hasn't got that in them . who wouldn't want a photo taken with the president even if he is a puppet.

If the outcome is positive and someone's life has been helped or people support a good cause then it dont matter .

Personally i believe Bono does it because he can and anyone in that position should.

I also think the band are clever ,  they run a solid business which has to be to survive so long.

All the other bands split over money or something stupid

U2 must have a solid loyal friendship to work together for so many years. 

oh and Bono's relationship with Abi for so long lol thats a miracle for a rock star

Suppose that reveals something about Bono which may relate to people he's lost when younger .. he didn't let go of any of this bunch from school days :)


I love u2 , i feel more confident now that they'l make another 5 albums than i did 25 years ago lol


The perfect direction for u2 now  to work towards the end of the bands career would be to go back to basics like 1979+

That material is priceless !


Vocano and troubles are my favorite on innocence


That girl and bono's voice together is too good not to work together again. i suggest they cover 'young folks' by peter,bjorn & john ..lol

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