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In one of the Sunday papers...

 Apparantly Liam Neeson says that Bono has an idea for a script which "we have been working on for the last six years and that the film will be about the band in the 70s"


I wasn't so much excited by this news, as the thought of Bono and Liam Neeson in a room together.....phew! :lol:

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Just seen an advanced copy of the script

Ali gets kidnapped by 1D, working with the evil Dr Coldplay who threatens to unleash the sinister manufactured X Factor on the world unless Bono gives up the secrets of the Greatest Song Ever.

Bono calls on his friend Liam to help save and release Ali.

Lost of car chases, explosions, shooting and a couple of new songs

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If it's anything like 'Million Dollar Hotel' I'll stay away, far away.


"Rebel forces striking from a hidden base have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire"....


Speaking of Liam Neeson movies.


They kill off Famke Janssen in TAK3N (Taken 3)


Not really a spoiler, it's in the official trailer.

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