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Songs of Innocence artwork


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I didn't start listening to U2 till 'Achtung Baby' and there's a photo of Bono in front of a stripper in it... I think she's

a stripper? well, she's not wearing a top ;) also I remember reading that when 'Boy' was released didn't the band

get upset when someone said it looked like peodophilia(sp?) ?


I like the cover and I like the album. I hate the cover of NLOTH but I like the album. so really, music first, then visuals B)


Boy & Achtung Baby got alternative album covers for those who are shocked,

Original covers Are the Best anyway cause its the Band's choice <_<



I Love S O I artwork & I just can't wait to buy the White Vinyl and the single (s) too (-edge pic ?)  :P



I'm interested in the white vinyl but the place where I've pre-ordered the deluxe album has it as AUD$75.00 :blink:

and it doesn't say white vinyl :mellow: I'll have to ask around on the net.

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So many comments on the artwork :)


Still not keen tho (it's the vulnerability of the image that makes me feel...hmm..uneasy maybe?).


But, one of the things I personally love about U2 is their interest in the visual and graphic imagery that accompanies their music. I mean ZooTV was out of this world, it was just so visually brilliant. I do like how much thought and investment they put into their music's visual art and identity. Having been a fan for what seems like a lifetime (in a nice way) I sometimes wonder how much they've influenced my own interest in creative design - I kinda like that idea ^_^

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