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I had the COOLEST dream!


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I haven't dreamed like that since my entire life turned into a Daily Mayhem show. So I only really listen to a couple of songs I freaking literally dreamed Every Breaking Wave and California last night! I was gonna go surfing at Malibu, for some reason I got on a horse, left my surfboard on the beach, saw my son (WHO IS IN CALIFORNIA RIGHT NOW) and he asked me if I was going up to see the Air Yacht Races..I asked him what that was and he said come on Mom Follow Me. Suddenly there was this magnificent boat with sails cutting across the air coming up the side of the cliffs above Malibu!. IT WAS THE FREAKING ORACLE YACHT! I was like what is this? I can remember every detail of these boats, my son told me NOW CHECK THIS OUT, we were riding horses so fast chasing the boats that were just above us catching the air flows with the sails and he says Mom there goes Bono and his family. It WAS SO CRAZY riding horses and those air ships chasing winds, my son said literally to me they are chasing the waves of air Mom, come back to California, I LITERALLY HEARD THE MISSION BELLS AND SANTA BARBARA, OVER AND OVER IN MY DREAM. I woke up covered in sweat, could not even believe how amazing the dream was, and thought I have to call my son, but he's on California time right now, so I will wait to tell him. The last real sacred thing I did with my son was I took him from Southern California up the coast to Santa Barbara to where my brother use to live, I told him how much I loved California but I couldnt stay, he stayed I came home. The kid has been traveling his whole life until the cancer took him down. Now he is a miracle, surfing big waves all over, and a declared Miracle...There is nothing really here in Florida for me anymore. I am gonna call my son today.

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Ha!!! Ha!!!!! Ha!!!!!!! Strange timing! My son flew back to Florida late Sunday night, he called me to go surfing with him at the Inlet today. He even came by my house and said are you sure? When are you gonna go surf with me again? Just the way he said it freaked me out a bit cuz it reminded me so much of that dream again! He is home for observation at Moffitt Cancer Center but he doesn't have to go all the way to Tampa, he can have his blood, etc. checked anywhere in the world but wanted to be close if there was an issue. LOL, everyone was here yesterday from California, East Central Florida and Southern California is like a freeway in the sky. The two sides of the USA are twins of each other! If you surf you have to go between the two places quite a bit and everybody has homes in both places. Or better yet, friends with homes in both places LOL. I felt bad cuz I saw today as well poor Edge STILL CANNOT BUILD HIS HOMES IN MALIBU! Jesus, all he had to do was hook up with the right surfers, they would have gotten it through the Coastal Commission. I know Wagner started the meanness but I also know he is losing respect now. If it's gonna be anything like my dream was the homes will blend in so well you wont even see them LOL!!!! All Edge has to do is claim a famous surfer is gonna live there and the tide will change!!!

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