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It was either 91 or 92 when U2 announced a 13ish date INDOOR Zoo Tv tour. Tickets were by phone only and they were playing the Rosemont Horizon, now Allstate Arena outside Chicago. Myself and my aunt tried calling to get tickets. My aunt got through and I did not. She was able to purchase two tickets. Funny part was, I did not like U2 then. I had a friend that was a HUGE U2 fan and my mom worked with someone that was a huge fan as well. My mom and I thought we would give a ticket to each of them so they can go and enjoy the show. At the last minute my mom's friend could not go, so I ended up going with my friend. I didn't really care to go, but I could appreciate how hot the ticket was so I went with my friend. The first 4-6 songs were from Achtung Baby and I didn't know any of the songs. The seed however was planted bc even though I didn't know the songs, I was still captivated. As the show went on, I later knew some of the "radio" songs but was blown away by the show. What really got me was on the way home, Xrt 93.1 FM in Chicago played Achtung Baby from beginning to end. As each song was played on the radio I remembered hearing that particular song at the concert. I was hooked at this point and my life changed forever. That following week, I went out and bought every U2 album. I still say to this day, if I was on a deserted island and if I could have one album, it would be Achtung Baby. !!

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Is was on the 9th of June 2004, already ten years ago. We were visiting Dublin and came at the Hanover Quay Studio at noon.

The weather was nice and we were sitting on the bench in front of the studio, waiting to catch a glimp of the guys of U2.

Suddenly Bono opened the door and called out our daughter's name: "Brenda, Brenda, come to Bono, come here my sweet girl!!" (Sam, who met us already a couple of times in Dublin, must have told Bono the name of our daughter).

Oh my, this was a moment never to forget. She jumped into his arms and Bono played with her for 15 minutes, he looked at the drawing she had made for him. She also gave him a little teddybear.

Later we were so excited to see there was a picture of the little teddybear in the booklet inside the special edition of How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb.

This moment we will never forget. It's alreay 10 years ago but it feels like it happened yesterday.






Bono, thank you for this 'Beautiful Day'!



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I had followed with interest the career of PJ Harvey from her debut album, but it was not until 1995 when I could finally see her live. Presented in a small venue in Barcelona "To bring you my love" -with Tricky as opening act- and was the beginning of a romance that comes happily until today. It has been many years and many gigs, but I still remember with emotion that first date with Polly Jean, the magician.




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October 25, 1981 Zaal Lux, Belgium, Herenthout


When Boy came out, i bought it almost immediately. I was so emotional seeing their TV appearance from the Brussels gig in 1980. And then most unbelievable thing happened: they would come to play 30 kms from my hometown. I could grab easily tickets (there was a No Nukes Manifestation that sunday). U2 wasn't well know either.


I hiked to the concert with a friend, but we had to call my parents to bring us by car, because we couldn't get to the town in time, but luckily we still were on time for the concert, because the promoter decided to wait for the bus from the No Nukes manifestation hoping more than the 400 in the audience. We stood on the first row close to Adam. What a show!




July 1982 Rock Werchter Look at me in the ska (black white square) t-shirt left. I always liked my appearance on the I Will Follow live 7".


July 1983 Rock Werchter One of the best shows in my life: U2 and Simple Minds And Eurythmics on one stage, guest appearance by Jim Kerr and Annie Lennox during the show!


1997 Rotterdam Met Bono (along with lots of fans) the day before the start of the PopMart Tour Europe. I told Bono about the early concerts. This is what he wrote on my envelope.




1997 Paris Princess Diana's tribute Mlk. So emotional!


August 2001 Antwerp

Since one of the last concerts of Roy Orbison was at the venue where U2 would play, I tried to asked them to play She's A mystery To Me. They did!
I also managed to get in the Venue the first day before the concert together with a Dutch fan for a television special on that day. What an experience to see a ready stage, in an empty venue.


June 2005 Brussels

I took 2 days extra free to listen to the rehearsals of the Vertigo Tour.

See us in action!




2009-2010 360 Tour

went crazy every night


30 U2 concerts in Belgium, Holland, Germany, France changed my life. I contributed to several books on U2. visited Dublin, Ireland, the ruin from the back of the Unforgettable Fire ...


I'm a vinyl Collector, so Please ...

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It was my first U2 concert, and it topped all other gigs before and since: San Siro, Milano, July 7, 2009. My brother and I wanted to see U2 outside of the UK, as UK fans just aren't the right kind of crazy about U2 as the rest of the world. It turned out the band were playing in Milan, one day after my 21st birthday, in one of the best stadiums in the world - this had to happen now!


We had been told that we had tickets and we had to pick them up from the band's hotel (a Live Nation contact I think). It turns out that my brother wasn't even sure we had them, we just had to hope that they were there (a lot riding on this given the special birthday). So trying to manoeuvre Milan and find the hotel, we had our hands on them.


5pm came, and out to the stadium on the subway we went. Scorching heat, sweating by the time we even arrived, it was great to just soak up the atmosphere as the crowd came in. Our seats were right on the half way line, and a near perfect view. I can't imagine "The Claw" looking more perfect in any other stadium; stage, dead centre, the crystal point, poking just out of the top. Snow Patrol were supporting, and a good start. Then the main event came: "ten, nine, eight…"


From Breathe through to Moment of Surrender, it was the best 2 hours (or so) of my life. We laughed, we cried, sang Happy Birthday to Eve, sung our hears out to Unknown Caller ("You know your name, so punch it in; Milano"), held each other during With or Without You, and joined the echo of "oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh" to exit the stadium singing "Moment of Surrender", long after the band had departed.

I knew that a U2 concert would be special, but this showed everyone how it could (and should) be done.


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U2> April 1984> Madison Square Garden> There they were. Ten yards away, not on the highly, already worn out copy of "Under a Blood Red Sky" that we'd been watching at every party we'd ever go to, turning on others to what we'd already known. No, there was Bono in full voice , belting out early songs like the bombastic " I Threw a Brick Through a Window/A Day Without Me", Bono pointing my way as I pogoed  and jumped up and down like a maniac, shouting the chorus and knowing not everyone in the crowd knew the words to every song. But I did. These were still the early days. " 11 O'clock Tick Tock", "Electric Co." and a crazed "Wire" and an extended, still new "Bad" with Bono running on fumes, somehow finding the will to press on and stir the crowd into a frenzy, The boys taking the cue and amping up the sound for incredible versions of "Pride" and "Sunday Bloody Sunday". I knew I would never catch a moment like this  again. I've seen the boys over 50 times and although there were many memorable nights, none will ever come close to u2 > 1984> MSG!!!!!!

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My english is not good enough to write this, so i'll be writing in french :


Bercy, Achtung baby Tour. Mon frère et moi avions des places pour le dernier concert. Mais la fille dont il était amoureux fou à l'époque n'en avais pas et il lui a offert sa place!

Nous sommes partie toutes les deux en RER avec un peu d'argent, espérant trouver un vendeur à la sauvette qui pourrait nous vendre une place pas trop chère...


Arrivées sur le parvis de Bercy, il y avait des vendeurs partout !! Après avoir acheté une place, nous nous sommes ruées vers une cabine téléphonique (et oui!! c'était il y a bien longtemps !) pour appeler mon frère et lui dire de sauter dans le RER pour nous rejoindre avant l'ouverture des portes.

Il est arrivé in extremis, et nous avons passé le concert ensemble, jusqu'à ce que Bono, The Edge, Adam et Larry s'avancent sur l'avant-scène (éclairés par des trabans fixées au plafond!) et que la foule se bousculent vers eux. 


Ma copine et moi en avons profité pour nous rapprocher du devant de la grande scène pour mieux voir nos artistes adorés. Bien mal nous en a pris, deux minutes après leurs retours sur la grande scène, bousculée et écrasée par la foule mon amie et moi étions évacuées par la croix rouge à cause d'un malaise...


Et pourtant, ce fut la plus belle chose qui aurait pu nous arriver. les médecins nous on installé avec de l'eau sur le côté de la scène. Là, pendant que nous reprenions nos esprits, mon amie me regarde la bouche ouverte, ébahie et me montre du doigt quelque chose derrière moi. Je me suis retournée juste à temps pour voir un Bono radieux et souriant, à quelques mètres seulement de moi!!!

Je ne saurai jamais si'l nous a vu ou pas (si oui la tête de mon amie l'aura bien fait rire !!), mais je n'oublierai jamais ce moment !!


Bon, deux minutes après les médecins nous renvoyait tout au fond de la salle pour terminer le concert. Et nous n'avons plus vu grand chose... Mais quel moment !! ça vaut bien tous les malaises du monde !! :)


(english translation) :


Bercy, Achtung Baby Tour. My brother and I had tickets for the final concert. But the girl he was in love at the time did not have and he offered his place! 


We are both part of the RER with a little money, hoping to find a street vendor who could sell us a room not too expensive ... 


Arrivals on the front of Bercy, there were vendors everywhere !! After buying a place, we rushes a phone booth (yes !! it was there long!) To call my brother and tell him to jump on the subway to reach us before the doors open .


He arrived quickly, and we spent the whole concert, until Bono, The Edge, Adam and Larry are advancing on the forefront (lit by trabants fixed to the ceiling!) And the crowd jostle to them. 


My girlfriend and I took the opportunity to get closer to the front of the main stage to see better our beloved artists. Badly we took two minutes after their return on the big stage, shoved and crushed by the crowd my friend and I were evacuated by the Red Cross because of discomfort ... 


And yet it was the best thing that could happen to us. doctors we installed it with water on the side of the stage. There, as we come to our senses, my friend looked at me mouth open, amazed and points at me something behind me. I returned just in time to see a bright Bono and smiling, just a few meters away from me !!! 


I'll never know if he saw us or not (whether the head of my friend will have a good laugh !!), but I will never forget this moment !! 


Well, two minutes after doctors referred us at the back of the room to finish the concert. And we have not seen much ... But when !! it is well worth all the discomfort of the world !! :)

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Its September 1980 and I have just started back at school following my annual holidays in Donegal visiting my family.

I was already big into music (and had been lucky enough to catch Horslips live whilst I was there).I was always reading music papers and reading any music related news and whilst in Ireland I kept seeing the same name crop up 'U2' .They had played Leixlip Castle whilst I was in Ireland (supporting The Police)and were getting great reviews all over.

When I got back to Luton (where I lived)I was intrigued enough to buy the bands first UK single '11 O'Clock Tick Tock' - and loved  it.

A few days later I was heading to see Rory Gallagher in Aylesbury Friars and I had persuaded my friend Mick to come with me.

Mick had also spent his holidays in Ireland (Wexford) and also heard plenty about this new band and we spent the hour long bus journey talking about them and I told Mick about the single and what a cracker it was.

We headed into the venue and tried in vain to get a pint but no joy (we were only 15 !).

So we decided to head straight in to the hall and found ourselves leaning on the barrier.

Its getting close to gig time and we get an announcement over the PA "Unfortunately the advertised support band Rage were unable to get here tonight but some friends of Rory's from Ireland who are touring here at the moment have kindly stepped in.Ladies & gentlemen please welcome U2!"


And there they were no more than a few feet away.Even when I think of it now its pretty surreal.


I can't remember the entire set but I do know they played 'Twilight','I Will Follow','Out Of Control',and - only one of two times I ever heard it live - 'Things To Make And Do' among others.They also played 'Touch' after I had requested it and Bono said to me 'I see you are on form tonight'!


Since that night I have been to hundreds of gigs.I've been lucky enough to see some of the greats:The Clash,The Banshees,Tom Waits,Bowie,Dylan,Thin Lizzy,Lee Hazlewood,The Smiths,The Jam.......


But I can safely say that no gig has changed my life the way the gig I went to on the 24th September 1980 did.


It set me off on a journey thats taken me all over Britain and Ireland,Europe and the US . I have sung my heart out,cried,danced and then sung some more!!


I've met some incredible people who I know will be my friends until I am old and grey.And the best thing?


The journey ain't over yet - see you on the road!






p.s.June 1997 I was on my way to see the band in Rotterdam and got chatting to a dude from Northampton.He is getting married in two weeks and I have the honour of being his best man!


P.p.s.I would like to take this opportunity to thank Rage (wherever they are)for not turning up that night  ;)

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The Giant TV Screen, The Big Lemon, The Mc Phisto Yellow Sign, The Long Walk To the Stage, The River Plate Stadium with the crowd using lighters not cellphones, The Popmart Tour ´98... That Was My First Gig.


The night before that magical day, the summer rain had some protagonism, (the early leds from the screen know better)

listening local radio, waiting the doors opening, buying beautiful promotional stuff (t.shirts, official programme) and the later regrets for not buying little pins and the lemon! 

I remember the people faces when the support acts take the stage...(Babasonicos and Illya Kuriaky and The Valderramas)

and finally... 21.00 pm Buenos Aires: the DJ play James Brown, The Verve and many more, that hour before the show was more intensive than the others..

22:00 pm 

LIghts off, Pop Muzik ON! 

The rest is history... the latin american leg was one of the best of the tour

and that night...was one of the best of my entire life! 


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