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March 12, 2012.

On this day, I went to Paard van Troje in The Hague, The Netherlands. Jonathan Jeremiah just released his first album, named ‘A Solitary Man’. The relaxed atmosphere was one of the things you immediately noticed the very moment you entered the room. I was there with my girlfriend (now my fiancé), along with my mate and his girlfriend. We were standing first row and some kind of magic happened there. Jonathan was making jokes and along with his beautiful orchestra, beautiful songs were turned into amazing live performances and I’m still happy with the printed set list I received afterwards. I listened (and still do) to his songs regularly and caught up with him later on Facebook. He wrote that he would perform on Belgium radio soon and he was searching for some covers he could play.


At that moment, I lived in Finland (where I normally live in The Netherlands) and tried to have a small chat with him. I remembered a ‘With or without you’ version of Jonathan, and suggested that to him. He gave a reply quite fast, mentioning that ‘Bono in Belgium has a ring to it’. With other words, the Belgium people do think that Bono (and U2) is very attractive and they do like their music. And that reminds me of the second U2 gig during 360, September 23 in 2010. Bono mentioned: Sometimes, U2 shows in Brussels feel a bit like an earthquake, of the heart, of the soul…

It felt lovely together. Jonathan Jeremiah really hit me in the soul during his concert in 2012, Jonathan mentioned it later on Facebook. But, Bono already said it during the second U2 gig in Brussels in 2010, that’s why I will never forget the Jonathan Jeremiah show. It made me aware of a lovely connection between my favourite artists!...    




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This is my story:
Germany, 12th May 2006, Duisburg, Pulp
A lover, Snow Patrol and the teaser
So i was on my way to Duisburg to see Snow Patrol. I didnt have a Navigationsystem at that time, only a crappy map that didnt show me any details of where to go. So i was driving on the Autobahn, thinking i need to find a way how to get to the venue. All i had was the name of the venue: Pulp and a streetname. How was i to find this in a rather big city like Duisburg without a map? The autobahn traffic got worse and worse... So i decided to take a break and stopped at a motorway service area.
I sat in the sun on the sideway when this taxi pulled in on the parking space next to my car. The guy got out of his car and i thought he was cute. To my surprise he smiled at me and went into the store across the street. I thought, well if i am lucky this taxi driver can give me some directions.
So when he got back i pulled out my map and had to pluck up enough courage to actually talk to him (yeah he was that cute...) I asked him for directions and he said, "you´re in luck i was on my way to duisburg and if you follow me i´ll take you there. You wouldnt be able to find it on your own". The taxi drivers name was Holger. We talked a bit more sitting in the sun and our affection for each other was obvious and mutual.
So we got both back into our cars. The traffic seemed to have cleared a bit and it was easy to follow the taxi. Then a few kilometers later we found ourselves in a messy traffic jam. Holger was making signs in the rearview mirror to leave the autobahn, so we did, even tho we were still quite a way away from Duisburg. At first i didnt like the idea of leaving the autobahn and i thought about "what if he doesnt lead you the right way?" But all my fears were for nothing. Holger stopped at the next corner and explained that the traffic jam was really bad and that it would be night before we´d get to Duisburg that way. He also gave me his number and asked me for mine so we could communicate if we had to. We now took state roads and passed through a lot of cities. (Later he admitted that he only pulled that stunt to get my number ;) )

Finally we made our way to the "Pulp". It was like nothing i expected. It was a Castle, real Castle stuck between cargo rails and close to the Rhine and a cargo dock. Totally unexpected, totally hidden in the industrial area.
We were early and to my surprise the venue was still closed and nobody else was around. Heiko suggested to get to the downtown area and have a coffee or something. So we did that and time just flew by so fast. I thought i wouldnt get back in time.

My ticket said that doors would open at 7pm, we got there 7.30 and now the parking lot was full and lights were on everywhere. I thought i missed the opening of the doors and would end up in the last row. (Oh Noooo!)
Yes, I was so happy that i had found a new friend (yeah actually we had already kissed) but heartbroken that i wouldnt be able to get close to the stage and see Snow Patrol for the first time.
I went in and found myself in a restaurant. I was confused. Was i at the right venue? Where is the concert hall, where are all the people to see the show? I saw two metal doors with a sign that said Rittersaal (Knights - Hall) and a man was standing there. I thought he must be staff or security. So i approached him and asked if this was the concert hall behind the doors. He said yes it is. So i asked, so the doors arent open yet? The man said, hey i dont know, i dont work here. I´ve been waiting here for the last 30 mins and nothing happens. (Ooops) I appologized for my mistake and asked him which of the two bands of the night he was there for. He said "I want to see Blackmail", i told him that i didnt know Blackmail and that i was only there for Snow Patrol. The man said "Oh, really? I think i saw them over there eating dinner in the restaurant" "What?? Are you serious? Where?" He laughed how excited i got and pointed across the room. And oh my god! there they were! My heart was about to jump out of my chest. I walked over to see them a little closer, they were still eating. So i waited a few meters away until they were finished. Then i went over and asked if i could get an autograph and maybe a picture together.
Jonny looked over to Gary, who just ordered a dessert in that moment and said said to me "sure. Take a seat!" What? Did he just offer me a seat at their table? WOW! I sat down and didnt know what to say at first. Paul and Nathan left the table. And while Gary was talking on the phone and eating his dessert i talked to Jonny Quinn and sat next to Tom Simpson. I dont really remember to clearly what we talked about, i am sure it was a lot of nonsense on my part.
Esp since i was an admin at that time at a tiny little forum named "TheLarryMullenBand.com". I told them about the forum and asked them what they thought about U2 and they all agreed "one of the best bands in the world" I got really brave and asked if they would do a teaser for our forum like "hey you´re at the larry mullen band forum, we are Snow Patrol and U2 rocks". Jonny laughed and said "oh thats Gary´s business" Jonny called him over to us and i tried to explain it again. Gary agreed and it turned out to be quite funny. You can actually watch that teaser here:



(i didnt upload it on youtube, it somehow found its way from our forum to the snow patrol forum and i think someone there uploaded it on youtube) You can also hear me in the background talking and laughing.
Then we took a photo together and they gave me an autograph on my ticket. I would have loved to talk some more to Jonny (he is the nicest drummer i´ve ever met (sorry larry, i never managed to meet you or any of your band mates for that matter...maybe on the next tour huh?)
but unfortunately they had to go and give some interviews.
All this took about 10 mins or so. I was overjoyed and thanked the guy who was still waiting at the doors. I couldnt wait for the doors to open and the shows to start. I made it to the first row and Gary winked at me. I felt really special! The show was fantastic, even the few colourful lights seemed to me like diamonds twinkling to the beat of the sounds. Everything seemed more vivid and more beautiful than i can put into words. At the end of the show Jonny gave me one of his drumsticks and i also got the setlist. I drove home that night feeling like the luckiest girl in the world.Oh and Holger and I became a couple for some time. Good times!
Here are some pictures... click on thumbs to enlarge.
Autograph: th_snowpatrolautograph.jpg Snow Patrol & Me: th_angelwithsnowpatrol.jpg  Drumstick: th_snowpatroldrumsstick.jpg
Setlist: th_snowpatrolsetlist.jpg  Gary on stage:th_SNP12-5-06-025.jpg th_SNP12-5-06-027.jpg th_SNP12-5-06-029.jpg
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It was the first of August, 2001. I was a 10 year old boy, walking with my mom and dad on the stairs of the Gelredome in Arnhem.

I was so exited, I was finaly going to see them, U2.


It all started in the car on the way to our yearly ski holiday to Austria. I (as a little boy I was) was A fan of the Bert and Ernie tapes in the car during the 7 hour trip. But at some moment my Dad was done with it.

Then he put in the tape with the recording of the Sarajevo concert U2 gave during Popmart. First I didn't like it, because I wanted Bert and Ernie back, but after a while I started to love the music. And when they put out their new Album (ATYCLB), I desperatly wanted to go to the concert.

When the tour was announced, it was suppossed to be in the Prins van Oranjehal in Utrecht..... My mom and dad wouldn't take me. Because there were only standing tickets, and I was to little. So dissapointed...

But then, the magic moment accured! The concert was reschudeled to the Gelredome in Arnhem! Just 10 min from my house!


My mom wrote a letter (yes, thats what they did in the 2000), and asked if we could have seating tickets, plus an extra ticket for me.....

After 2 weeks, we got the good news! It worked!!! I was going to see U2!!1


Back on the steps, I walked in and saw the stage... with the big heart shaped b-stage. I asked a steward how it was (because he had to work the first concert). He tolled me it was awesome and Bono runs around the stage a lot.

I was getting more exiting by the minute!!! The pre show ended and then I heared Sgt. Peper lonely club band!!! This is it!! They are there!!!


Wow...... it just was breathtaking. From the begin to the end. Heared some great songs, and I witnessed the magic of Streets for the first time.

The band ended with there first single, Out of Control. Funny thing, my dad thought it was a new song (but his 10 year old son had tot correct him!!!)

A concert I never forget, even Bono speaking Dutch, (Gisteravond was geweldig, vandaag gaat het dak eraf (yesterday was super, but today the roof is going off))


Today(23 years old), i've bin to 8 U2 concerts since this one in Arnhem, but everytime I go to a new concert, I remember myself walking with my parents on the stairs of Gelredome...Finaly going to see U2.

The band that has become part of my life!

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Milan, 08.07.2009.


My first time.

This is a picture of me (obviously criyng) and my best friend when U2 appeared on stage;that emotion, the emotion of finally see them live on stage is still written in my heart, head and soul.


"Only Love can leave such a mark...".




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1982, a little boy sees the local brass band playing at the market square, one particular instrument has his intrest, instantly: the drum. It's my first memory of hearing "music" played live and listening to it with interest. I said to my dad next to me: i wanna do that! 30 years later, i'm still playing the drums, so that "gig" changed my life forever. Years later, i discovered that the drummer of my favourite band started as a drummer in the Artane Boys Band and passed to band drumming later. So, i feel connected to Larry, he did the same as i did. He's a street drummer like me. I checked the website of that brass band even today: www.de-woudfanfare.be. The man carrying the bass drum on the home page picture gave me my first drum lessons! Should go to see them once more some day! Nico, Belgium.

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My name is Chadd Bryant and I’m from Prague, Oklahoma. A town of only 2,000. It’s 2001 and I’m 14 years old. Growing up I was a big tomb raider fan and one day my cousin and I came across the Elevation music video. After seeing and hearing this song - I was mesmerized. I had to know who this band was. My mother bought me the All That You Can’t Leave Behind album soon after. From there on I began to discover U2 and everything about them.

A few years later in 2004 the Vertigo iPod commercial came on TV. I knew that voice. I knew they were back. I knew I had to see them live. The closest the tour was going to get to Prague was Dallas, TX. All of the tickets sold out immediately. I couldn’t take no for an answer. I found tickets eventually for me and my friend named Jerad. Our date was set. October 29th, 2005 was going to be my first concert. (I put the tickets on a credit card that set me back $550, but I didn't care! As I and everyone else will learn, there is no price on a U2 ticket for me). 
We drive down to Dallas. We get in line for the general admission when the line was allowed to begin to form. We wait in line all day, make friends and dream of what night will hold. I can’t put into words the excitement I’m feeling. And the joy I had knowing tonight was the night. I remember when the line began to move. Rumors of a random lottery picking those to be in the inner circle began to swirl. You began to hear girls, boys, women and men yelling with excitement 20-30 ft in front of us as they were picked to be in the inner circle. I said a small prayer. I remember it too. “God, if you let me in the inner circle… I will scream like that little girl…” lol. The moment of truth arrived as I handed my ticket to be scanned. I looked to the tv screen. Nothing. My friend behind me hands them his ticket. Scanned. VERTIGO!!! My friend yelled “Yes!” and I was in disbelief. What does this mean? The lady explained he was to pick one friend to go in the inner circle with. As if he wasn’t going to pick me, I began to scream out PICK ME PICK ME! They put my wristband on and I began to run. I left my friend behind, lol. I didn’t mean to. But this was everything I dreamed of. We made our way down to the inner circle. We had to go through the entrance with the backlight to check wristbands and hand prints. In disbelief, we were front and center. I seen Larry’s drums just feet from me. I looked at my friend Jerad and just kept saying,”no way… no way”. I thanked God. This was everything I wanted and more.
City of Blinding Lights started and I became lost in the moment. The music in that arena moved me. Moments of rock ’n roll. Moments of emotion. Just a beautiful experience from beginning to end. I love this band. It was more than a concert. It was a spiritual experience. I know God has blessed them. There’s something else about a U2 concert - other shows don’t have it. I’m a person of faith, so I appreciated these lyrics and moments even more. I remember the closing songs. All Because of You, Yahweh and 40. It was like a worship service at church. It was soulful. It was moving. I had tears roll down my face. 
When the band walked off stage, I looked at my friend. We just stared at one another in disbelief. I remember thinking, what am I going to do now? That was such an unbelievable experience. I had to see them again…
And the trend continued…
Vertigo Tour · Honolulu, Hi 12/9/2006 (shared the experience with my friend Drew)
360 Tour · Arlington, TX 10/12/2009 (shared the experience with my friend Trevor)
360 Tour · Norman, OK 10/18/2009 (my brother Chase, my Dad, Tyler, Brad, Drew, Josh, Erika, Katie, Leanne, Kyle S, Kyle K, Rachael, Blake, Cody, Casey, Trevor,  Dillon, Lisa, Robert, Isham and Amanda)
360 Tour · Denver, CO 5/21/2011 (shared the experience with my brother Chase, friends Blake, Kandice, Trevor, Melissa and Katie)
360 Tour · St. Louis, MO 7/17/2011 (shared the experience with my cousin Mike and friends Blake, Trevor, Casey, Mason and Katie)
360 Tour · Moncton, Canada 7/30/2011 (shared the experience with my best friends Blake and Trevor)
… and will continue
U2, you have changed my life. Musically, spiritually - you name it. Such a huge influence. There’s truly no words to express the love I have for you. I thank God for you and your music. I believe in the work and the changed lives. The world is a better place because of U2.
(The picture below is in 9 separate pictures to make one big picture)
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
We are in frame 6. I'm singing at the top of my lungs. My hand is covering a part of Jerad's face a little above me. He's wearing a hat. This is a picture of my first concert mentioned in the story. #unforgettablegig
Edited by Chadd Bryant
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