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I'd long been a U2 fan and had seen the band many times in different cities. Finally, I decided to make the trip to Dublin to see the boys there in 2005. Little did I know when I bought those concert tickets and plane tickets that I'd spend the next several months caring for my father following a bone marrow transplant, then burying him after it failed. He died 24 days before the U2 show at Dublin's Croke Park. I'd already missed So. Much. work, that I felt I should cancel my trip, but I couldn't do it. I needed that trip. One of my favorite travel buddies and fellow U2 fans and I boarded our flights, and in a haze, I made it to that incredible show. I didn't have the energy that particular time around to wait in line all day and get close like I've done at most every other show. So I wasn't close up, but it was still an emotional and healing show. Thanks, U2, for always being a soundtrack to my life. :)

But the truly most amazing, mind-blowing U2 encounter was no doubt just earlier this year, atop the Rockefeller Plaza roof for Jimmy Fallon's opening night of The Tonight Show. Even though the band played only one song (two times), I can't imagine I'll ever have the chance again to be part of such an intimate performance. My adrenaline gets pumping again just thinking of it! 

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Boa Noite U2, tudo bem?

Eu queria contar a minha história no meu primeiro show da banda em 2011.

Consegui comprar meu ingresso em no final de 2010 e a chegada dele foi em janeiro de 2011, foi uma tremenda alegria, quase quebrei a cama da minha mãe, comemorando e chorando de tanta felicidade. Enfim chegou Abril de 2011 no dia 9, nós não pegamos fila para entrar ao estádio do Morumbi em São Paulo, porque compramos o ingresso para as cadeiras (meu único arrependimento), mais foi o que conseguimos naquela época e não trocaria por nada esse show da minha vida. Eu agradeci demais ao meu pai por ele me proporcionar esse dia inesquecível, MELHOR DIA DA MINHA VIDA QUE O MEU PAI E U2 (BONO, LARRY, EDGE E ADAM), SÓ TENHO A AGRADECER A TODOS VOCÊS ETERNAMENTE.

Melhor parte do show: Vertigo quando eu consegui contar junto com o Bono (uno, dos, tres catorse), foi DEMAIS e corri para abraçar meu pai e agradecer muita emoção; e na música City Of Bliding Lights, não tinha nenhum nuvem no céu em torno do estádio só uma que estava em cima da garra e estava a iluminação nas nuvens e eu tirei uma foto bem na hora da música e na foto aparece um raio, nunca consegui tirar foto de um raio, U2 U2 U2 MUITO OBRIGADO POR EXISTIR.


(english translation) : 

Good Night, U2, okay? 

I wanted to tell my story to my first concert of the band in 2011. 
I could buy my ticket at the end of 2010 and it was the arrival in January 2011, was a tremendous joy, almost broke my mother's bed, celebrating and crying with happiness. Finally arrived in April 2011 on the 9th, we took no queue to enter the Morumbi stadium in Sao Paulo, why buy a ticket to the chairs (my only regret), more has been achieved at that time and not trade this show of my life. I too thanked my father for giving me this unforgettable day, BEST DAY OF MY LIFE THAT MY FATHER AND U2 (BONO, LARRY, AND ADAM EDGE), ONLY HAVE TO THANK YOU ALL FOREVER. 
Best part of the show: Vertigo when I could count along with Bono (uno, dos, tres catorse) was TOO and ran to hug my father and thank so much emotion; and music Bliding City Of Lights, had no cloud in the sky around the stadium only one that was on the claw and the lighting was in the clouds and I took a picture just in time music and photo lightning appears, never I could take a picture of lightning, U2 U2 U2 THANK YOU fOR EXISTING
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It was the Joshua Tree Tour, and I had never seen U2; even though I am the boys same age. In college I was spinning (Vinyl back then my Verti-babies) ''Boy' and 'War' on the college radio station at Iowa State University. Into U2, long before anyone I knew, knew who U2 were. They are my band, they belong to my youth.


So flash forward, here I am lined up at the only ticketmaster outlet in Colorado Springs, Colorado at 6:00 am in the morning. I have yet to learn, that Denver is where I should drive to find the shorter lines into the legendary concerts.


So I wait for hours and hours; I make it just to the door when I learn that BOTH shows in Denver have sold out; I am shut down, 6 hours waiting for nothing. So young, so innocent, so green (ok 26 years!), so much to learn about getting into shows. I missed that "Show of Innocence", that's right the Denver show I missed was featured in Rattle and Hum, and I was shut down. I did not just miss a show, I missed a legendary moment of U2 history; captured forever on film.


"Fuck the film, and on with the show" as Bono said when he was at that show in Denver.... Flash forward, it is the U2 360 Tour... I am an older and wiser fan. I have been hitting U2 shows in Denver, Oakland, Boston, New York, Vancouver, recording them in 360 with my 3D GoPro kit (what memories!)  I am on fire! Nine "Shows of Experience" in 360. The finale is seeing "Spider Man Turn off the Dark" on Broadway. I meet/ talk to Reeve Carney after the play; he tells me he will be opening the final U2 show in Moncton, New Brunswick Canada. I am stoked, as I have managed to get tickets for this final show, and it is only days away... I am over the moon, thinking.. hmmm this is gonna be great, U2's final performance in 360 in an area of the world they have never played; a magnetic venue with Arcade Fire, I am truly on fire! I finally will have that legendary show I missed in Denver!  All will be right in my U2 world!


I fly into Nova Scotia, and I have yet another legendary U2 show snatched from victory and into the jaws of my U2 defeat. I am unaware of the legal differences in Canada and the states around a DUI conviction I have. I am turned away at the border; I am in utter horror and disbelief. This cannot be happening again! Not this many years later! 


I share this story to convey the passion and commitment to U2; they share my generation, my music (we like the same artists growing up), my world view. I have so many memories (young and old) burned into my mind, that they are part of my family; my human family. I cannot not imagine my world without U2, but I remember what John Lennon said -> "I don't believe in Beatles, I don't believe in Jesus, I don't believe in Hitler... I just believe in me... Yoko and me, that is reality!" So I keep it real.. U2 have their lives and I have mine (I don't believe in U2); but the world is a better place because they are in it. We all need to make the world a better place because we are in it. This band helps me want to be the person I should be (I want to dream of the world I want to live in, I want to dream out loud. I'm more than you know, I am not Invisible!).


The attached scan (in the old days there was no Instagram) shows the post card (Of course it was a U2 post card; Wide Awake In America!) I sent to my sister (also a huge U2 fan) when I was "shut down" for the Joshua Tree show in Denver back in 1987... this is my Songs Of Innocence lost. Hopefully this postcard I have held on to from the past helps all who read this story, believe in my commitment to this group of four committed people. That what I have written here, happened in my real world, my real life experience. It is not just made up for entertainment and amusement in this newly evolving virtual world that we all play in today.


Will the U2 Gods smile on me in this contest? Whether yes, or whether no...


Love is All, All is Love.


Mooner, Mooner, Mooner....


[attachment=1974:U2 Postcard_Message.JPG]


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It was 1969, I was five years old and about to attend my very first concert ever at the Veteran's Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix, AZ. The person in concert? Elvis Presley. My parents took my sisters and I to the show, my oldest sister was and still is, a huge EP fan. The venue was packed, the fans were excited and thrilled to see the man in person. Soon, the lights dimmed, then that iconic intro music from 2001: A Space Odyssey started and I knew something unlike anything I'd ever witnessed was about to unleashed. Soon, the music changed to CC Rider, his intro sing, and soon, this solitary figure in a white jumpsuit ran onto the stage. My eyes were glued to him from the get go, my ears were exposed to music that was unlike anything I'd ever experienced. He commanded the stage, his presence so intense that everything else fell to a blur, he was all that existed. Halfway through the show, I decided to sit on the concrete flooring and lean by the rail where our seats overlooked the stage, directly above the man himself. He was talking to the audience, and I was an eager five year old, wanting my moment of acknowledgement from him. Elvis. Elvis. I kept calling out, and my child's voice finally caught his attention. He turned his head and looked right up at me, my legs dangling over the edge of our balcony seats, about 15 feet up from where he stood. Zeroing in on me, he smiled and said, "I'll be with you in a minute baby." Then, he winked at me and started to sing, I was dumbfounded, thrilled and starstruck all at once. I was five yet I knew that I'd just been acknowledged by the biggest star in the universe, and to this day, it's as vivid in my mind as though it happened yesterday. That moment and several EP concerts after cemented even to this day, he was a rare and special human that graced our universe for far too brief a time. I've seen a lot of performers since, U2 included (each and every time they've been in AZ and for multiple nights), but there has never been nor will ever be a performer like Elvis Presley. I feel blessed to have witnessed his brilliance in person. Totally changed my life. Unfortunately, I don't have the ticket or photos (I was five, and this was before the days of mobile devices and postings).

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More than twenty years ago, it was our first U2 show in Switzerland... 
We were in the same state of mind as the band for The Ramones gig, " It became one of the great nights of our life ! " 


Passion is still there, the wait is always exciting until the next tour. 
No pictures from this moment in 1992, only remembrances in our head... and a old-dusty-original promotional poster of this gig getting out the cellar and our collection for almost 20 years !

Laurent & Veronique
Brother and sister





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All of the U2 concerts I have been to are of course at the top of my list, especially the last U2 show I went to in Auckland! After emigrating from the UK to New Zealand - It was amazing to see my favourite band on the other side of the world, and of course - to hear 'One Tree Hill' live.




However, we all know how amazing U2 are, so I thought I would share one of the most intimate and smallest gigs I have ever been too from another one of my favourite bands ‘KEANE’.




On 7th May 2004, Keane did a secret gig for fans at the famous record store 'Rough Trade' in London. This was to promote their new single 'Everybody's Changing'. I found out about this via their website and of course turned up outside of Rough Trade early to ensure I was able to enter. This was also my first time at Rough Trade, so I was extremely excited about browsing through the thousands of records in the store... (As you can't beat a good old record)


There were only a few people outside when I arrived, so I got in the queue and waited with a bunch of lovely KEANE fans (and as I later found out a number of U2 fans also). We were all very excited, and once the doors opened, I could not believe how tiny the "stage" area was and how small the whole place was (there must have been no more than 40 people inside). I was standing literally right by the microphone where Tom was going to be singing...




Once everyone was inside, Tom, Tim and Richard appeared and they played an awesome set of songs from their debut album "Hopes and Fears". As you can see from the photos – I was so close, It was like having them playing in my living room. They are all very talented musicians and song writers, as well as being absolutely lovely chaps too.




Afterwards Tom, Tim and Richard spoke to everyone and signed copies of their new single. The band are also big U2 fans and are definitely influenced by their music which is probably why I love them so much... They have supported U2 on tour and have also covered 'with or without you' which is much better than U2's version... HAHAHA - Just checking you are still reading this... OK it isn't better but it's a lovely version :)




I have now been to a number of Keane concerts around London and have met them a few times before and after shows. I remember one show in particular where Tim and Richard came outside and chatted to everyone for quite a while, asking us what we thought of the album and what our favourite songs were etc.  :) They really do appreciate their fans!




Now to finish the story off - one of the girls I met at this gig was also a huge U2 fan. We stayed in contact and met later on in Dublin to see U2 on the Vertigo tour!!!!!


This was a special gig for me because it was such a rare opportunity to see one of my favourite bands perform in such a unique venue and in front of such a small crowd. I felt very lucky to be part of this intimate and unforgettable gig.



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My first U2 concert. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 1997 for the PopMart tour. It's the first time U2 has come here, and it feels like the whole town is excited in anticipation for the show. Finally the night arrives, it is a beautiful spring almost-summer night in mid-June.  Edmonton is pretty far north and at that time of year the sun sets so late, and I just remember how amazing it is to watch the show with the sun slowly setting behind the huge PopMart arch during my first U2 concert. It remains the best concert I've ever seen.

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My first concert : The Rolling Stones live at the beautiful Feyenoord Stadium in Rotterdam (Netherlands) June 2, 1982

My father won a contest by writing a slogan for cassette-tapes.

I was very lucky that he took me with him to see that amazing concert even though I was only 8 years old back then. I remember the first song The Stones played was "Under my Thumb"

Of course I also remember Jaggers' moves all around the huge stage and all those 50.000 people enjoying it. Very impressive to a little 8 year old boy.

When I was 13 my father and I were back at the Feyenoord Stadium to see U2's fantastic Joshua Tree Tour. I've seen every U2 tour live since then.

Unfortunately my dear father passed away on 9 September 2014........exactly the day " Songs of Innocence" was released and the date that is printed on the LP sleeve.

That makes it just like Bono also my most personal U2 record.

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One of my early concerts was Pearl Jam in 1991 or 1992. I had listened to their debut album and persuaded my boyfriend and my sister to come with me on the night. The concert was absolutely fabulous and we didn't regret coming there. After the gig one of the guitarists and the bassplayer came up to me and we chatted for a while. I wasn't at all starstruck, they were very down to earth and easy to talk to. It's a fine memory today when they play the same sort of arenas as U2. The big ones... And this was a small rock club. 

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