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]Had a chance in 1985 to go see  The Alarm in Dublins Croke park, These supported U2 on there first real big gig in there home town. The concert changed everything for me. 

i didn't get U2 until i saw them live. Since then they have just got better and better live. Ever gig just becomes an event! a date on a calendar that becomes a special memory. Never let down and always suprised.

from the early days off walking out with the fans sing "40" HOW LONG!!!!!!!!!


thanks for the memories. 




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The first life changing concert experience for me SHOULD have been attending the ZOO TV concert in Adelaide, 1993. I was offered a ticket by one of my friends at school, but as I was only in my early teens at the time (and had never been to a concert before), I was a bit reluctant to go along and so I gave it a miss. Oh, how I regretted that in the years to come! It’s probably the same feeling you might get if you saw a copy of Songs of Innocence on vinyl for $20, decide to not to buy it, and then it ends up being worth $1000 or more years later!


My first ‘proper’ concert experience happened when I saw Placebo play in Adelaide, 2nd May 1999. The concert was performed to an intimate crowd of around 2000 people, and it was during their first ever tour of Australia. They were supporting their second album, ‘Without You I’m Nothing’, which is regarded by most people as their best. U2 was my first ‘love’, and favourite band of all time, but my experience with Placebo was how I imagine it may have been for many fans who saw U2 play for the first time.


I stumbled across Placebo one day when I saw their video clip for ‘Pure Morning’, where Brian Molko walks down the side of a building. It was an amazing video, brilliant song, and it reminded me of the feeling I had when I first saw the video for U2’s ‘The Fly’ years earlier. In both instances, I didn’t know anything about the band, but they definitely looked cool and I had to know more about them.


The concert was held at a popular club in Adelaide called ‘Heaven’, which was occasionally held small concerts such as this one. My first impression of the stage and the room was that it seemed tiny, and I knew it was about to get very loud. I wonder if the members of Placebo ever thought they would be allowed through the gates of Heaven…in this case they were welcomed in.


I roped my brother older brother along to join me for the concert as none of my friends were in to Placebo (and still aren’t!). I had an interesting relationship with my brother when it came to music and I have to concede that he had much cooler taste in music than I did. He was always on top of the trends and a massive Nirvana fan, while I was almost the complete opposite. However, we found a little common ground with Placebo so he agreed to come along.


As we stood there, waiting for the band to come on, I remember feeling that I stuck out like a sore thumb (or sore nerd) amongst all the goths and cool people. Once the lights went down though, it didn’t matter, and I blended into the crowd as they cheered the band’s arrival on stage. What followed was an hour or so of pretty great rock music. Placebo played a mixture of their new album and also some older songs from their first album. Nancy Boy and Pure Morning were highlights.


While they haven’t reached the great heights of U2, this concert experience won me over and created a lifelong fan in me. U2 will always be my number 1, but there’s always room for a few others like Placebo along the way.

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I do remember my very first concert ever…and it was a U2 concert! Rotterdam, 1987, the 10th of June. It was sheer magic – despite the cliché, it is like falling in love really; the moment you’ve been struck you realize, “oh, this is what they mean with falling…”

Anyway, I was sixteen and I finally had my parents agree to go to “that rock-show,” together with my friends and mates from school. And it was me that joined the queue one early Saturday morning to buy us all tickets. One of the most nerve-wrecking mornings of my life actually, not only because at 6 am the queue was already very long but also because I had more money in my pocket than ever before. The aim was to get us all – six or eight, I’m not really sure – the so-called “field-tickets.” But by the time I had reached the counter to buy the tickets, these field-tickets had already gone for both nights (U2 was about to play the 10th and 11th of June). What was left were seats on the second ring of the Kuip stadium. I thus bought the seats for the first night but I felt that I have let my friends down who had trusted me their money for the highly anticipated field-tix. I blamed myself for not getting more early in the queue (but what did I know?).

These were, of course, times without internet or cell phone. Only when I got back home I learned that the news had announced the fasted sell-out of concert tickets ever – it was U2 coming to Holland and everybody wanted to be there!

My friends were anxiously waiting for my return, slightly anticipating me coming back empty handed. So when I showed them the orange tickets, they were overly excited and celebrated me as a hero – or heroine actually!


From the show I remember us hanging over the railing of the second ring, singing and shouting like it was a championship match. And we all, the whole stadium came out winning. That feeling of community and friends I have felt over and over again at every U2 show I have attended until now: from Brussels to Boston, from San Diego to Gelschenkirchen and many, many times back home in Amsterdam. And the best concerts are those when “Streets” and “Pride” are sung so loud that even the boys themselves stumble a little on their feet – that’s when I remember my first concert and think, “ yeah, it was just like that!” The best concert ever, over and over again!


Magically, a little less cliché this time, a photograph of me at my first-concert-ever does exist for it had appeared in some Dutch newspaper. It was taken when fans higher up on the second ring enrolled a really large banner. I do remember this happening and you see me from the back watching the sight. I know who is me in the photograph because I am the only one with blond hair wearing a black Joshua Tree t-shirt and I am standing right behind the rail of the second ring – I’ve included the picture with an orange angle pointing at my head!






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What to say? I do not know. But I have a certainty. U2 is the best band in the world. 

I'm from a town called St. Expedit - São Paulo, where he lives 3,000 people and had the courage to go alone to capital (São Paulo - SP) to see the big show of my life ... MY FIRST SHOW and surely will go down in my life date of April 11, 2011 at Morumbi Stadium - Sao Paulo, it is the band I'm a fan since my school days, where I would do my homework at a friend's house and when we put U2 to listen. Thank God and the intercession of Jesus Christ I could go watch the U2 concert, and God willing I will be in upcoming shows here in Brazil. I always accompany Bono's work as an activist, always creating a way to help the poor people of Africa and promote partnerships for benefit concerts to fight poverty. Seeing all this in one person, in a band of God, I am much happier knowing that people have as they help our world in the most affected part of world poverty. Undoubtedly this is "THE BAND" of all time and forever will be, and certainly seeing all this I fall more and more for this band that is U2, for his songs. 


- In the attached photo, I have a Bono lookalike, look through, I think one day this boy became a star for a few hours. kkkkkk 

- On the other, I'm in the stands, along with the structure of the U2 360 stage. 

- In the other photo of the screen, which appears Bono singing. 

- The other is a picture of my ticket U2 360. 

- In another'm with people of the State of Paraná - PR and Jundiaí - SP, where I met them in line. 


Many thanks U2, May God bless all of you on the walk with the band and also in their work around the world. 


This show will be the story of my life.






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The Opening gig of ZOO TV, at the Lakeland Civic Center in Lakeland Florida on February 29, 1992 was the greatest concert of my life. Me and a group of friends waited 12 hours overnight to get tickets at a local music store/ticketmaster location. Out of three hundred people waiting in line I was one of six people to get the four ticket maximum. The concert sold out in 4 minutes.

Arriving before the concert, we watched as cars carrying the U2 members arrived. When Bono got out of the car he walked about 100 yards to our small crowd (50-75 people). He then stopped a few feet from the security line and made a wild twisting Elvis move that made the crowd go crazy. He then straight faced walked back to the arena without saying a word as the crowd cheered.  It was the coolest thing I have ever seen. Before that I was only a fan, since then I have been a fanatic.

The concert opening was awesome. Zoostation and the new Zoo TV screens were just incredible. It all blew everyone's mind. Nobody had known what exactly to expect. It was a wise choice to start out with 8 straight songs from Actung Baby, as it really made everybody, even the older fans, get into the new songs. Thoughout the second half of the concert, I was just praying they would keep playing one more song. As soon as it was over I was ready for more.

In closing, the concert had this electricity that I had never experienced before. And those of you who were there that guy outside the arena with the sign saying "I still haven't found what I'm looking for- U2 Tickets" he got in, he sat right behind me.   :)

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U2 contest ‪#‎unforgettablegig‬


So, okay, before I was a HUGE U2 FAN I was a MASSIVE LED ZEPPELIN FAN. My first record I ever bought was In Through the Outdoor when it was released in 1979. I found out a tour would start in October 1980 and the only way to get tickets were by mail order and the order form was published in a full page ad. I was living in Milwaukee and would get tickets for the Chicago show on Nov. 12, my 16th birthday!!! The morning the tickets went on sale I got up at 6am to be sure to get the Chicago Tribune from the newspaper box. I grabbed the whole stack and went to school and shared them all with my friends. I kept the full page ad as a souvenir. Well, as we all know John Bonham died on Sept. 25 and the tour was cancelled. Man oh man did I cry!!!!


Now flash forward to 1985. Jimmy Page regroups with a new band, The Firm. I got tickets with a bunch of friends and we all took the bus downtown to the Milwaukee arena. Everyone was excited to see Jimmy Page! Well it was evident Jimmy was under the influence and it was a poor performance. It got bad reviews in the paper the next day. Nevertheless, it was TOTALLY WORTH IT to see my guitar hero play Dazed and Confused under a green laser pyramid!!! It was an #unforgettablegig !!!

Below is attached the full page ad (minus the order form), my refund letter from Chicago Stadium, The Firm ticket, and reviews. A photo of myself back in the day (colored Warhol style).


Pictures linked here https://www.facebook.com/kari.minks/posts/747060378683277

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In the fall of 1984, I saw my first of many shows. It was Black Flag at the Electric Banana in Pittsburgh, PA. I was a naive sophomore in a high school in the sticks (who had not been to the "Big City") and I had decided I wanted to be a punk. I started hanging around with some dudes and emersing myself in the music via the compilation cassette tape. (The songs were so short, it seemed like there were 100 on a 60 minute tape...)


They had talked about the bands they had seen and said that Henry and the boys were next. I didn't know many bands, but I had heard of Black Flag.


The night of the of the show, another friend and I meet up with the dudes and Sketchy Guy driving a white van with a couple of six packs. Being a straight edge at the time, I did not partake. And besides, we were underage. Drinking was against the law.


Roll up to the Banana and there are people everywhere. I did not know what to expect and I got it. Leather, mohawks, skater dudes. Kids smoking, under the influence of who knows what...what did I get myself into?


There was to be 3 bands - Saccharine Trust, Tom Tricoli's Dog and BF. For some reason the "Dog" did not play. ST started and it was loud. Everyone stood around and listened and cheered after each 2 minute opus.


After a short break, and a trip to the merch table - I had to get a BF shirt to wear to schoool the next day - the Flag it the stage. I was standing in the front of Henry and in no time the place erupted. Within seconds I was being pushed and shoved, pogo'ed into and nearly had my glasses knocked off my face. All I could think of was being trampled a'la the tragic Who show in Cincinnati. I managed to make my way over to the opposite side of the bar, in the back, out of the way.


Even at that distance, Henry Rollins was an itimidating figure on stage. Shirtless. Mic cord wrapped around his fist. Eyes closed belting out the lyrics to My War. The intensity did not waver for the entire set.


Emerging sweaty and ears ringing, I found Sketchy by the van as well as my buds. All reveling in what we had just seen. The ride home was filled of talk of what show would be next on the list.


Turns out the next show would be U2 at a slightly larger venue, the Civic Arena a few months later. We did not go with Sketchy in the van this time. We relied on Dad.


As a side note: I joined a band and we had the chance to play the Banana as one of our first gigs. I wore the shirt I purchased years earlier at the BF show in tribute


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the fifth time I saw u2 was  great 4/6/92 ,zoo tv tour.indoors at Birmingham nec.me and my meet were having a drink in the bar of a hotel,this lad told us about stories of  how bono had got him up at a gig anyway we all had a bit to drink than he got his guitar outand we all started singing u2 songs,than we got throw out.he was called john paul the second after the pope,he told us bono would be back stage at 4o.clock,so me and my mate went round and guest what he was right,got his autograph 3 times.my mate was wearing a pixies t-shirt,bono told him to check out  the support band on tonight the Fatima mansions.what a day.whar a gig fantastic,2 days later I went to Dortmund to see u2 {a coach trip},a great gig again but I missed my coach back home,i went back in the hall and just stay there,i saw the edge before this stage erecter took pity on me as I was in a bit of a steat,no passport and no money,him and his mate tried to follow the coach{the way they thought it might go,but to no avale,so he took me back to his home,got his young child out of bed so I could sleep there for the night,the next morning his mate came round took me to the british embassy in dusseldorf where they give me a letter to take to the dole office,they give me a train ticket and about 7 dm {dole money for 1 day} I got home the following day what a week what a gig what a great band

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