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The Iron Lady is elected, innocence is shattered in Enniskillen, The Simpsons are born, Anton Corbijn can’t pronounce the latest record by 4 lads from Dublin, AZT is released, some drug called Prozac gets sold for the first time and I’m 11 years old. Michael Jackson is still Michael Jackson and not yet the self-proclaimed King of Pop. In 1987 he was bigger than that - he didn’t need to manufacture status, he simply was that status. The most popular entertainer of the time, maybe of any time..


I was lucky enough to win tickets to see him at the end of yellow brick road Perth, Australia. MJ being MJ though cancelled the show due to “security reasons”. Which a young version of me was not cynical enough to realise really meant lack of interest, cost cutting or slow ticket sales. Unbelievably though the promoters flew us to Melbourne to see him. I remember getting picked up from a school camp early so we could fly out to the show. I was an 11 year old rock star. I was the King of Pop at my school.


So we end up ensconced in a suitably cheap Melbourne motel where even the fleas realised they were staying there at their own risk.  If the walls could talk, they probably would have advised not to spend the night. But to the 11 year old me, still full of wide eyed innocence, it was a palace. You could even ring someone and they would bring you food. Incredible. We had pizza in the room which I thought made me a king.   


We get to the gig and it is the massive stadium. Making our way in and people start screaming and pointing upwards at “Michael”. Well, someone who thought they were Michael – but to the 11 year old me I thought he was actually the man and not a lookalike. Innocence is a place you can’t return to once you leave.


I remember being at the back of the stadium, yet feeling like the stage was right in front of me. The energy in the stadium, like a visceral punch. Then he appears out of the smoke, pumping out the tunes I had been spinning on the amazing technology that was cassettes. Nothing will replace such a hi tech medium. MJ at the height of his powers. Dancer, singer, performer, showman. Like a gospel preacher and yes, you can feel it. I still remember that bass – thumping into my chest. What mysterious instrument could perform such musical voodoo? Billie Jean, how is he doing that walk? How is he leaning that far without falling? I was enthralled. Michael highlighted the joy of music – I was sold.

It was like a circus without animals. Thriller – yes it was. Zombie dancers and at one point he “disappeared” only to magically reappear at the other end of the stage. He was a musical magician. I soaked it all in. I came out of that gig wired. Bouncing off the stadium stairs, filled with tunes and a desire to bust a dance move.


We jumped on a bus back to the motel but I spotted a guy selling posters and begged for a chance to get one. I made the poor driver wait while I darted off to get my Bad World Tour Poster and programme. That poster hung proudly at home long after Michael became Wacko Jacko and uncool. Then I became conscious of cool and the poster got hidden away, the records gathered dust but the memory of that gig fired my musical passions. It led me right away from the shiny disposable pop of Michael to this band of earnest fellows from Ireland. Who lead me down a whole other path – but that is a much longer story. Bad became Rattle and Hum.


In a strange way Michael led to U2  -which came full circle when I was boarding a plane to the Barcelona show only to hear Michael had died. On the way to the first 360 U2 show we saw the tribute pictured below in a random part of town. I flashed back to that show and remembered Michael as he was. I was shocked at how it impacted me. Then Bono pays tribute to Michael under the 360 space station. Another stadium turned into a club. My music journey had gone 360.  


Michael might have been the drive-through, instant oat meal version of surface pop. But you need that. You can relish his tunes on a level that is pure enjoyment. Slide down the musical surface. He had the songs of innocence before I moved on to songs of experience. You need both – just ask the 4 lads from Dublin. 



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Dream out loud #unforgettablegig U2 in Dublin, August 27, 1993   This is not about my very first concert (Journey, 1986), nor my very first U2 concert (Atlanta, 1992).  It is about my fourth U2 con

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Mio fratello di cinque anni più grande di me, chiuso in camera sua ascoltava musica… ad un certo punto sento dalla mia stanza una voce che parla al di sopra della folla e  dice:"this is GLORIA”…io dalla camera mia, mi fermo e sorrido…mi avvicino alla porta della camera sua e continuo ad origliare…”GLORIA IN TE DOMINE GLORIA EXULTATE GLORIA GLORIA OH, LORD, LOOSEN MY LIPS” allora penso: ”ma che sta sentendo le canzoni della chiesa!”
Incuriosito rimango ancora ad ascoltare, sento altre canzoni, non capisco niente il cantante canta in inglese però l’energia è molto coinvolgente così rimango fuori alla porta seduto sul pavimento a sentire i colpi della batteria e la chitarra coinvolgente che sento da dietro la porta e mi chiedo ma chi sono questi?
Più tardi quando mi fratello uscì dalla sua stanza gli chiesì: “Chi sono questi?”  e lui:”U2” ed io:”U…chi?” e lui: “lascia stare...hai solo 10 anni!” Già all’epoca (dicembre 1983) avevo solo 10 anni!
Il giorno dopo approfittando dell’assenza di mio fratello entrai in camera sua  e trai i vari vinili cercai “U2” l’unica parola cha ricordavo…misi il vinile"UNDER A BLOOD RED SKY"sul giradischi e…fù subito amore!
Ad aprile 1985 deejay television, una nota trasmissione televisiva italiana, trasmise per una settimana intera, uno special sugli U2, un documentario sulla realizzazione del loro 5 album “THE UNFORGETTABLE FIRE”, ogni giorno dalla 14.30 alle 15.00 guardavo questo special tra l’eccitamento completo,  e  da allora cantavo per strada, fuori al balcone, a scuola: "IPPE NIVE OV LOVE UAN MOR IPPE NIVE OV LOVE!”(IN THE NAME OF LOVE WHAT MORE IN THE NAME OF LOVE) i miei 11 anni si notavano!
A scuola,  con miei amici,  mi vantavo di essere un fan degli U2, avevo il diario pieno di frasi e testi degli u2, avevo foto etc etc.

MARZO 1987…
A pranzo come ogni giorno io e mio fratello guardavamo deejay television, un bel giorno il presentarore annuncio in anteprima esclusiva  per l’italia la messa in onda del video della nuova canzone degli U2…"WITH OR WITHOUT YOU" per  4 minuti e 56 secondi rimasi col fiato sospeso!
MAGGIO 1987…
Nell’autobus di ritorno da una gita scolastica decisi che con i risparmi avanzati dovevo assolutamente comprarmi il nuovo album,  non potevo averlo solo in musicassetta…tornato a casa il giorno seguente andai al negozo di dischi della mia città e li  c’era una ragazza che quando mi vide entrare mi guardo un po’ sospettosa...(avevo 14 anni) ed io senza batter ciglio le dissi:” ciao hai THE JOSHUA TREE...IL NUOVO DEGLI U2?”…e lei sorpresa e divertita mi disse “aspetta che te lo prendo”….14000 LIRE lo pagai fu la più bella spesa mai fatta prima!

Dopo circa una settimana gli u2 arrivarono in Italia per tre concerti, sulla strada che percorrevo per andare a scuola c’era un bar che aveva la locandina del concerto: -“U2 THE JOSHUA TREE TOUR  ROMA 27 Maggio 1987”- ogni giorno che ritornavo a casa dicevo a mia mamma che volevo andare a Roma a vedere il concerto deli U2 e lei mi diceva che i ragazzi di 14 anni non vanno ai concerti rock!
Il 27 maggio 1987, andai a scuola percorrendo un’altra strada perché quella mattina non volevo passare davanti al bar e vedere la locandina del concerto …ero troppo triste perchè non potevo andarli a vedere dal vivo!
Purtroppo mio fratello aveva gli esami di maturità e quindi nemmeno lui ci andò, io ho sempre creduto che se lui ci fosse andato avrebbe portato anche me…(ingenuità adolescenziale!)
MAGGIO 1988…
Notte rock una trasmissione che andava in onda su rai uno in seconda serata trasmise uno special sulla tournée americana degli U2 negli Stati Uniti… si intitolava ”OUTSIDE IT’S AMERICA”... quando lo vidi rimasi folgorato…da allora gli U2 furono e sono tutt’ora, dopo 31 anni il mio gruppo musicale preferito!
Sono ancora qua!
Da allora ad oggi ho spesso circa 40000,00 euro tra concerti, cd, lp, 45”,12”…ogni minuto della mia vita, ogni evento, ogni gioia ed ogni delusione è accompagnata dalla LORO musica!
il primo concerto a cui ho assistito è stato quelo di  Milano nel 1992, avevo il biglietto della prima data il 20 maggio, ma lo show fu rimandato quindi ritornammo a casa e poi la sera del 21 ripartimmo di nuovo in tre giorni ci facemmo circa 3000 km...











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It was 1984 and my bands were, Midnight Oil and INXS, both Australian bands. Midnight Oil were Australia's version of U2 and INXS were an exciting charismatic act with some great early career songs ('Don't change' from "Shabooh Shoobah" was my favourite). I followed these bands closely and also followed another band from Ireland, due to a couple of songs called "I Will Follow" and "Out of Control" which introduced me to the band. At the time of their release I worked with a very attractive Irish girl who also gave me a gift one day (U2 Live at Red Rocks) and of course I've followed them closely ever since. Anyway back to the GIG, it was September 27th, 1984 and I got to see one of my favourite bands in INXS which of course was awesome. I also invited this Irish friend along and I felt like I had returned the favour in introducing her to a great Australian act. She loved them ... and Michael of course. Just like my other 2 favourite bands I knew INXS were special and this concert included a powerful version of 'Don't Change' that has never left me. Looking back I like to think of those special moments and cherish them as a shared memory with another person. I loved that concert and I knew I was in search of another great 'live' act and my excitement was building as I knew something very special was just around the corner. 'The Unforgettable Fire' album was due in a few days (Released October 1st 1984). I had started a journey and had no idea I had made such good choices in 'Who to Follow' and of course 'I didn't change'.


All the best, thanks for reading and here is a Gig Poster for the night.... INXS Live at the Perth Entertainment Centre, on September 27th 1984


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06/25/2014, Vienna: 

The gig that changed my life is my first Pearl Jam show in Vienna this year. I went there from Germany by bus the day before and queued up from early morning on. At the show I stood in front of Eddie Vedder and Jeff Ament in 3rd row and now, a few months later I still can't describe how powerful and intense this three hour show was. You had to be there to believe it! Sadly I don't have a picture of me before or during the gig, so I post a picture of Eddie climbing the vine.


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"The most beautiful sound I'd ever heard".........Discovering U2's music as a teenager in 1992 had made quite the impression on me to say the least.  So, in 1997 when I saw them for the first time, it was a life changing experience in a whole other way.  It was the PopMart Tour at Giants Stadium.  The tickets were a gift from by boyfriend (now husband) for my birthday. I felt very lucky indeed, despite having the worst seats!  I could barely see the band but it did not change the fact that being able to hear them perform live the music that meant so much to me- to be in the presence of these four men making that amazing music- was the most exhilarating experience!  Even days later, I felt like I had been part of something incredibly momentous.  Something that can't be put into words properly.  And it's something that has stayed with me over the years and is felt at every U2 concert I've attended since.  That's my #UnforgettableGig and for the Miracle of U2, I shall always be grateful.  -Melinda Prather

popmart 1997

Photo of me pre-gig with my custom Bono jacket and Zooropa T-shirt.

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Zoo TV Tour - Torino


July, 12 1993


My first concert ever. I went to the show with four friends of mine, but I was the very U2 lover.


We had a gigantic bed sheet, 4 x 4 metres, in which we wrote "IN U2 WE TRUST". Before entering the stadium, an important italian daily newspaper reporter, came to us and asked for a photo of the sheet. I then asked him whether he was going to the backstage to interview the band and he said "Yes".


So I said: could you give my telephone number to Bono?

Of course, he answered.


I gave him my number (home number of course, there were no cellular phones at the time).


The day after, in the entertainment page of La Repubblica, there was my picture, my name and my phone number!!!!!


After the first shock, I thought: well, during the shows Bono uses to make a phone call, maybe he will call me.


I spent the next 5 days glued to the telephone, waiting for that call. I was called by many boys and girls from the whole Italy - some of them pretending to be Bono and speaking in english. Of course it's very easy to recognize an italian while speaking english, but it was funny and I had the opportunity to speak with many U2 fans.

My father used to take my place when I needed to go to the toilet or to allow me to sleep a couple of hours sometimes.


The sixth night I surrended. My parents and my friends were trying to make me give up, saying: oh c'mon, he will never call you!!!


Finally they persuaded me to go out and to stop to live close to the telephone.


But I couldn't really quit. As my father doesn't know ANY word in english, I thought him to give some basic answer in case Bono called. So he was trained to say: "Sorry, she's not home. Please call later" or "Give me your number and she will call you back as soon as possible" and so on...


That night, when I went back home, I asked my father about the calls and he said that there were many calls, as usual, but one in particular was strange. Infact, when he answered that I wasn't home, everybody unveiled themselves and - speaking italian - left name and number, just to meet and chat a little about U2. 


But - my father said - one of them persisted in speaking english and pretending to be Bono. And my father also noticed that he spoke "a different english", not the same as everybody else.


I know that it wasn't Bono at the phone but, this is my question: BONO, DID YOU CALL ME ON JULY 18, 1993, DURING OR AFTER THE SHOW IN BOLOGNA?

If yes, I'm sorry. I missed the most important call of my life.





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While I have seen many U2 shows, my first 18+ show at Avalon (used to be on Landsdowne Street in Boston) was to see the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.  Up to that point my music tastes were around U2, REM, and classic rock bands from the late 60's and early 70's.  I had a niche.  I stuck to it.  At the behest of my good friends from high school I was told to "branch out" and come with them to see the show.  I was a little nervous at first being that this was what I'd call a real alternative show.  Here I was, a simple preppie kid from the suburbs and did I also look the part.  


The show?  It blew my mind.  I didn't know that there could be that many layers in a live show and how the entire audience moved (and moshed) in unison with every ska beat.  But the more important things was that it opened my ears to a wider variety of music than I had ever encountered.  It was something that led to talking with my friends about other bands they were listening to that I hadn't heard of.  Bands from the early 80's and the influencers of my favorite bands like U2.  My music collection began to expand to include all these new groups and genre's.  


Sometimes it takes one moment or show to open your ears to what is possible for music.  I never learned to play an instrument but from this show I was able to be a quality listener to music and how the various sounds work together in harmony.


Also this album would look good next to my Zoo TV North American Tour (Spring 1992) announcement record!

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21st Decenber 1981 The Human League , Bingley Hall , Stafford .


This was my first gig , being 17 I had been into all kinds of music for many years ( my cousin gave me a copy of Boy just after it came out , he had one listen and said that`s not for him , his loss my gain :)) but had never got round to going to a proper live show so now was the time.

After hearing of my friends trip to see The Human League in Liverpool , I decided to get tickets for Stafford , after securing tham my next obstacle was the fact I had not long started my first job and was keen not to get off on the wrong foot with my employers, so I went to the doctors and said I wasn`t feeling well he signed me off work for a week , I didn`t  think I was that convincing :unsure:.

On to the day of the concert off I went with a friend and my wedge haircut and Tukka boots on , I did try and have a bit of fashion at the time :), we were travelling by train as Stafford was about 60 miles from home, so we got on at Runcorn and made our way down to Stafford, it was a cold winter and British Rail didn`t let us down as it was colder in the train than it was outside :wacko:.

We had never been to Stafford before so we had decided to walk to the venue as it didn`t look too far on the map , as we had arrived in Stafford everywhere was white as it had snowed quite a lot , as I said we were walking to the venue but we didn`t know till we set off it was 4 miles away :( , I can tell you it seemed like 10 miles trudging up a long country road in the snow and it was freezing at this point and the Tukks boots were doing a great job of acting like a sponge and my feet were soaking wet and numb :(. We got there after what seemed like forever and joined the queue, it was that cold waiting outside people were piercing each others ears with no pain at all as their ears were numb from the cold.

We finally got into the venue and most people gathered round the stage as you do for a good view but more importantly to warm up which took a while because I believe the venue was used mainly as a agricultural/cattle market so it was vast and open.

The band were touring their big hit album `Dare` including the smash single `Dont You Want Me`, The song I remember them playing more than any other was a cover of The Rezillos song `Destination Venus` :huh:, it was a good gig though :) Lots of booming noises from all kinds of directions and explosions of colour`s. things I had never experienced before it was uplifting.

After the gig it was back to station, the positive being it was mainly downhill :P. Arriving back at the station we found out there was no direct train until 7am, but we could wait an hour and get to Crewe and wait 2 hours for a connection there, this was the best plan as everythig was shut in Stafford even the waiting room at the station, we were so glad of the Crewe train when it came because it was actually warm, it didn`t take long to get there and the other plus of being in Crewe was that the cafe stayed open all night :).

While we were sat having a drink, there was one of those moments that however trivial stays with you, anyway there was a couple across the way having a drink and the woman spills her coffee and all you can hear is her partner shout `Get it down you` and start laughing. well 2 minutes later he goes and does exactly the same thing so we shout to him `Get it down you` :lol: , I know you are probably thinking what am I going on about, I guess you had to be there.

The train finally came and took us to Runcorn we had to get on a bus then a double decker and it went straight past my work as people were going in, so I had to get down on the floor so no one saw me, I finally got home and I was so glad to see my bed, I didn`t have any money for Xmas as I had been signed off work :( but I had my first concert experience and many more since :) .

I wish I could have shared some photos but I wouldn`t have wanted to take my hands out of my pockets, but hopefully you can build a picture from my descrption :) and also my ticket is nowhere to be seen but the memory remains just about :rolleyes: .

By the way my best u2 gig was the Point Depot Dublin 30/12/89 if I had gone on about that show the competition date would have passed as I would have gone on forever talking about it :D

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This was back in 1994...I'm from Brazil...but i live in the very south in a city called Porto Alegre  ( Happy Harbor :) ) and in those days no one would play a gig down here...Then the Ramones came to Brazil, but Sao Paulo only.1200 kilometers away from me...

I was broke, had no car, no way i could get on a plane, had no ticket..nothing, but still a huge fan. Then i got myself on a bus to Sao Paulo. It took me 22 hours to get there and it was hell on earth ( there was everything inside that bus, from a nonstop crying baby to a squeezed orange juice box inside my backpack that made me smell like a rotten orange until i got back home ) .But i got there. And still no ticket. While i was waiting outside figuring out a way to get inside the venue a guy from Ramones staff came up to me and asked where i was from ( i suppose he did it because i was a really rotten-orange-mess carring this huge backpack ) . Thern i told him my story ( no money, no ticket , huge fan, blablabla ) and he said "hold on a second " ...then he got back with a ticket for me, as a gift. I was outta words to thank him and it was all working out right, finally. But things got even better : 5 minutes prior door opening the same guy came up to me and asked me to follow him inside the venue, where i could store my backpack properly and run to the front row. That was one of the best moments of my life. After the concert ( perfect, by the way ) i met some girls who offered a ride back to the bus station, but first they would stop for a while at the hotel and try to meet the Ramones. Got lucky again : after waiting a while came in this van with the Ramones...got to meet Joey and CJ, but since it was '94 i had no camera for a picture...Then these girls took me to the bus station and in the morning i started my trip back home, but this time with this huge smile on my face :)

That's my story...


There is another story telling you how i met Bono in Rio in 1997, but i'll tell you another time :)


Alex, from Brazil

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