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In summer 85 my mate took me to Milton Keynes to see a little known band head the longest day concert.It was the first gig I ever saw.i witnessed bands like the faith brothers ,REM and a very pissed off billy Bragg .I was also lucky enough to see the Ramones( wasJoey there?)the brilliant Kirk Brannon(of the awesome spear of destiny )and then ,when the rain stopped a concert that will never leave me....a young U2....wire ...-amazing.a sort if homecoming -unforgettable .pride ,bad ,MLK-----it was an experience I will not forget.

Best live band ever,love every breaking wave"

We are all getting old boys,ur stuff will be played for years.

Alan U2 fan

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Foxboro Mass. September 20,2009. I've been a fan of the band since the day in the early 80's when my little brother(16) came home with an album from some "punk" band from Ireland(home of my ancestors) called U2. The album was "Boy". Didn't pay much attention to it until I heard "Into the Heart". Since that time I've been hooked. I have loved and followed and listened to U2 music for over 3 decades. Since that time I married the love of my life and I am the proud father of two college age boys(18)&(21) yrs old respectively. U2 music was always playing in our house. Both my sons were interested in music at a young age. They both played in the orchestra and bands at their school. From Elementary right through to H.S.Graduation. One a violinist. The other a French Horn player. It was brutal at first. But they are now both really good. They both became fans of U2 by proxy. They would sing along with me and my wife(not very well I might add). We'd dance around playing air guitars and drums. The youngest one with his Bono sunglasses. The first "pop" music they tried to play on their instruments was From a U2 music book. it sounded bad at first. But with practice,became to sound pretty good. The oldest son is now proficient in guitar. The youngest still in love with violin. They play music because of U2. Fast forward to Sept 20,2009. I'm sitting there watching the band. My two boys are up dancing,singing every song word for word. I'm like wow. The band has transcended a generation. Their hooked! I could have never imagined myself attending an Al Jolsen concert with my Dad. But here I am with my two sons. What an awesome feeling.

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1976 - 15 years old, tickets in hand for "A Star is Born".  No transportation from Phx to Tempe, so the thumb goes out, on a Friday evening none the less, as we want to be there when the gates open Saturday morning.  A true line party, throughout the night into the early morning. Anticipation equalizes any party effects :)  5am gates open, and a flood of people rush Sun Devil Stadium (in 76 it was just a small bowl, no upper tier).  We race to claim our turf, and with the sun coming over the horizon, "Here Comes the Sun" is piped over the PA.  What a rush.  Noon, man I need help staying with it. Peanut Butter Cookies and mothers little helper, what? no water, damn, time to crunch away.  almost 40 years later, and the image of storming the field lives on forever.  All great concerts will leave a lasting impression, and this one most certainly did!  Rock On fans!

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In late september 1997 in a small playground of a neighborhood in my hometown Genova Italy me and my friends join an epic concert of an Italian band named Timoria. I'm sure none of you ever heard about them but in the late nineties they really had something special.

The venue was a mess, an old soccer ground after a big storm, after a few minutes we were covered of mud and soaking wet. The band was amazing, their singer Francesco Renga (Now a single artist in Italy with a different and romantic style) tried to stage dive but he was so drunk he didn't make to come back in stage for minutes.. I don't know if i remember that night so much for the music, or the mud, or the friends i had with me or maybe cause i was a 19 years old who found his very personal little woodstock in his hometown, following the dream of being part of a rock event no matter how big or small. I remember walking out of that bloody soccer field, cold and wet, with no voice left with my friends still singing songs that we and some thousands people only knew but knowing that we had part of something really special. That was the first of many gigs, U2 (more than 10 times), Muse, Rem, the Boss but if have to tell i know that first one is really the most special, those were my songs of innocence and still are, the most beautiful sound i ever heard.

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30th April 1989 16 years old. A close friend of mine has a spare ticket to The Mission Lockerbie Appeal Benefit gig at Carlisle Sands Centre due to another friend of his being grounded for some reason that I can not recall and offers it to me! I'm thinking might as well take up the offer as I'm not doing anything better and I had never ever been to see a band live before so I was in. 


At this point in my teenage years I was a short back and sides, triple denim, doc martins possible Bros lookalike, so when we arrived and I was swamped by the Goth army it was a bit intimidating and just before the show we were in the bar area and an older girl shouted at me in front of loads of other people 'Bros isn't on tonight ya know' which spurred my discomfort a bit further.  


However once the gig was in action my discomfort disappeared with a bang and I was just like everyone else in the room, a music lover being blown away by a great band playing amazing live tracks. 


Musically the gig changed my life, but it also signalled the end of my school years and some of the best friends I ever had! And even though it was a first time amazing experience for myself, I sometimes look back with a tinge of sadness due to the connection to the Lockerbie Disaster and the friends that have left my life since then.


Not got any photo's as it was back in the day when you lived the experience from memory, not how many times you can stick your camera phone in the air & that's probably why it's a gig I remember so well. 


This was the set list;


Beyond the Pale
Butterfly on a Wheel
Serpent's Kiss
Like a Hurricane


Kingdom Come
Tower of Strength
The Crystal Ocean

Grapes of Wrath

Mr. Pleasant
Child's Play
Pretty Vacant
Shelter From the Storm
Shelter From the Storm


And a bit of video, old skool of course. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrHKV1VW8fc&feature=youtu.be #unforgettablegig          

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Two Concert Shows of Innocence  


Growing up, 37 years ago, I was 12 years old. I had my first record player. My first single came from my sister. It was the Beatles REVELOTUION with B-side of HEY JUDE. I remember getting the record player and going to the store to purchase my first record. I did not know what to get but I saw the Album KISS ALIVE, and thought it looked cool. I remember bringing the album home and was mesmerized by the cover. I remember listening for hours to the music and looking at the book insert that came in the record. I must have read it 1,000 times. For my 12th birthday, KISS DESTROYER was released and the same sister that gave me the Beatles 45, took me with her boyfriend to a KISS concert. It was in Florida and unlike anything I had ever seen. I had no idea how LOUD it would be. I remember my sister telling me that when KISS came on stage that I just sat there and watched in amazement. I remember after the show getting a program and t-shirt. That concert changed my life because that was the day that propelled me into a music listening journey that would last for a lifetime. I also learned how to play the drums as a result. I remember defending KISS in high school and then heading to college. I was on a bus ride to a swim meet and one of the guys introduced me to the band U2. At the time, I was stuck in the rock and roll world. However, as a few years progressed and my listening changed, I grew enjoy U2 as a favorite band. I remember taking a road trip from St. Cloud State University to the Twin Cities to see U2 play on the Joshua Tree tour.  I remember Bono belching out the lyrics….


You take the staircase to the first floor
Turn the key and slowly unlock the door
As a man breathes into a saxophone
And through the walls you hear the city groan


I was hooked.  I remember getting this oversized gray t shirt with a huge U2 across the entire chest.  I wore the shirt all of the time and wore it out!   I have been a U2 fan ever since. My musical tastes continue to change but U2 brought me into the realm of music with a message. As far as photos are concerned, digital cameras were not invented yet so no photos to share.  Two remarkable events that were turning points in my “songs of innocence” which today is filled with wonderful music. Thanks U2!


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It's evening 10th September 2010. I'm nervos.

Tomorrow! Tomorrow I want to celebrate my birthday with U2 in Zurich.

Zurich, over 500 kilometres away.

Want to sleep some hours. I lie in the bed. I can't sleep, so nervos.

Time does not go by. 11 p.m. I take a shower.

A friend will come on 12. a.m. when I have birthday.

Now 12 a.m., he is there and we have cake and coffee. after my wife and parents have congrulatated me, I will drive to Zurich.

1:30 a.m. Navigation System ready. Here I go, let's drive. I want to be early in Zurich. First row, I want between Edge and Bono.

Tune in the Radio, cool Music on the usb-stick. I hear a Radio Show from the BBC, Highlights from the London gig in 2009.

Yeah, I love this tour. My 5th 360 Show Begins in a few hours.

A short stop at a gas Station near from Stuttgart. Eating, Smoking and refuel.

7 a.m. Hello Zurich. I'm there. Where is the Stadium? Ahh, there are fans. Asking them where I can park the car. Okay.

7:30 a.m. hurry up to the Stadium. There where 20 or 25 fans.

I have a folding chair in one Hand, a bag with water and Sweets in the other.

Oh, there is a gate open. I go in. On my right side security-mens. They look at me, but they talk to each other.

Marcel, be cool. They think that I am a worker for drinks or something.

Yes, Mission complete. It is 7:45 a.m. and I sit in the Stadium. I'm thirsty. Okay, some water.

Calling my father in Germany.

Then I take some Pictures and a short Video of the empty Stadium. Now I go to the GA and the stage. Nobody is there, only a motorist and his trucks. I go to the restrooms, because I had drunken to much water.

Should I stay here until the gates are open? Too much chemical smell here, puh, and it's getting warm.

I left the door. A security-man Keep me. What am I doing here? I say, that I want to the concert and Show him my ticket. He is very angry. Go out of the Stadium, he said.  Then I go out of the Stadium.

The security-Boss grumbles to the other security-mens at the gate of the Stadium.

8:15 a.m. I am at the other fans. Now waiting.

My folding chair and my bag are still in the Stadium. Damn, nothing to drink. Still waiting.


3:45 p.m. the gates are open. Taking the legs in the Hands and go, run, run :-)

Well done. Breathing, breathing. Yeah, I am in the first row.


Great to see One Republic, the sunset, and now U2.

Wicked birthday to stand in the first row between The Edge and Bono, especially when Bono says "Happy New Year" during "where the streets have no Name".

He sees my t-shirt with the sentence "Today!!! My Birthday-Party!!!"


Unforgettable Birthday-Party. Thank you very much U2 !!!!!





There's only one Thing, what would be the greatest in my life. Meet the Band with a small talk, taking Pictures and get autographes.

Maybe someday!



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It wasn't my first concert, or the first band I had ever seen, but it was U2.


And it was a night I would never forget.


As a young kid, the melodies of The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby were planted in my subconsciousness long before I could appreciate them. It wasn't until my late teens that these melodies revisited me, and have never left my side since. I had just started a new band, and it was U2's music that provided the drive to do so. It wasn't until the North American Vertigo Tour in 2005 that I would get to see the band that hadn't left my headphones in years. I was going to see my favorite band U2 for the first time. Tickets were purchased, car was packed. My bandmates and I were beyond excited.


The goal was to experience U2 live for the first time. What also happened, I never would have expected in a million years.


My bandmates and I got to the Meadowlands in East Rutherford bright and early on the day of May 18, 2005. Clamoring to meet our heroes, we decided to poke around the arena and look for a back entrance for a chance to run into Bono and the boys. We arrived at the back gated entrance, and after a matter of minutes, a shiny black SUV pulled up beside us.


The door opened, and our hearts nearly stopped. For once in our lives, we were in the right place, at the right time. Bono stepped out and greeted us. We told him all about our punk rock band from New Jersey, and how much inspiration the songs of U2 had on us. After a few minutes of standing eye to eye with the singer of the biggest band in the world, Bono had left to enter the venue. The only thing we could think about is how this day could not get any better..



Well.. It got better..


For nearly two hours, we sang and we sweat to the music of U2. "It's alright.. It's alright.. It's alright!" we sang at the top of our lungs, as Bono walked down the ellipse and spotted us in the crowd, giving us a head nod as we sang along in unison. We were being recognized by our favorite band on the planet. This was by far the best concert experience of our lives.


And you won't believe what happened next..



The encore had been nearly completed, when the lights went down, and Bono's shadowy figure came walking in our direction. Our hearts began to race in disbelief. Bono kneeled down, reached out and pulled us onto the ramp that led back to the stage. I will never forget Bono whispering in my ear and asking me if we wanted to come on stage and jam with U2. I could tell you what I said in response, but honestly, I don't even remember. 


What I do remember is performing "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" live onstage that night, together with the members of my band and U2. My band The Bank Robbers joined our idols in front of over twenty thousand people at the Continental Airlines Arena on the night of May 18, 2005. To this day, it was the greatest night of my life. It all seems like such a blur. One of those amazing experiences you only dream about. That night, my dream became real. It was even covered in Rolling Stone Magazine later that month.






What an amazing, surreal moment. 


One that I surely never get tired of telling people about.



-Rob Nardone

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The Year: 1991

The Place: The Palace, Hollywood CA
The Band: Nirvana...
May 1991, phone rings at my apt in Hermosa Beach, it's my friend telling me a group called 'Nirvana' was coming to LA and we should get tickets. "Never heard of them" I said, "who are they?" Well, "they are from the Seattle area and heard they are kick ass live". Good enough for me. Tickets purchased for $15. 
Aug 1991. Smells Like Teen Spirit is released for radio. Had not heard a song on first play more electrifying since "Where the Streets Have No Name". The song is immediately picked up by my favorite station KROQ and goes into HEAVY rotation. Every time it comes on, whether house or car, the volume goes max. It is song that to this day just focuses, resonates and demands attention with that opening riff.
Sept 1991. Video hits MTV. Now the television's speakers are being regularly stretched to the breaking point.
Oct 27th 1991. Night of the concert. Nirvana is officially THE phenomenon in the town that creates artificial phenomenons. Only this isn't artificial - It is Beatlemania for a post-punk generation - and it's real. Just getting into the Palace is a chore. There must have been over a thousand people just hanging out in front; that is about twice the number of people who can squeeze into that SRO box. People, asking, begging, pleading for extra tickets. I turned down a $100 offer on a $15 ticket! Nirvana hits the stage. It's an amped atmosphere... The crowd is pushed to the max - I am nearly front center and can see six rows of people just offstage in the wings. Celebrity, corporate types who have shown up with fevered fans to see live what all this noise is about....
Kurt is on full growl to yowl. Krist is playing, banging his bass in that lanky, rangy style of his and is also shoeless. Dave is beating the drums like they owe him money - not sure I ever saw his face with that hair of his... The raw emotion and physicality from the mosh leaves people drained, exhausted, dragging toward the exits while leaning on each other - grins and happy grunts all around. I know of only one other band who leaves its fans with that kind of adrenaline release...
Here is the pic of my ticket stub I saved all these years and that is a 28 year old me, second face off Kurt's left hip. This picture never ceases to bring a smile to my face.
R.I.P. Kurt Cobain and thank you for a concert memory of a lifetime. 



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it was 1986. a friend of mine asked me to go to see the cramps in toronto with him. it wasnt really into it but figured what the heck, i'll go. on the way down in the car, one of the other passengers dropped a little something extra into my beer. at first i was upset and then figured i will just go with it and maybe it will make it a more enjoyable night. when we arrived i was peaking and just buzzing along. we walk in and screaming blue messiahs have just hit the stage. wow, absolutely blown away by their energy!!! they are chugging along and just driving over the crowd. unbelievable live show!!! they finish up and im still having a great time when the cramps hit the stage. not sure if everyone has seen them in concert before but what an amazing show!! lux interior was dressed in gold shiny suit with red pumps. by the end of the set, he has stripped down to just gold lamay underwear and his red pumps and proceeds to swallow the mike and drink a bottle of red wine at the same time. one of the weirdest, funnest show i had ever been to. have never forgotten this show!!!!

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