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Funny you should ask today. My Father took me to my first show at Red Rocks Amphitheater, just a few years after U2 had their star turn there on their red, rainy night. The artist on my inaugural evening was Bob Dylan - and his opening band was Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (whom I didn't know at the time).


If you've been lucky enough to attend a show at Red Rocks then you know. You know that this hallowed ground is a part of the performance and that it's really not like anyplace else. If you're in a seat near the top of the venue (Dad was worried about my ears) you can look over the top of the stage and see the twinkling lights of Denver in the distance. The view rests between these two towering sandstone sentinels (that give the place it's name) and they're joined with a moon rise on many a night. This night was no exception - it was stunning.


Well the point of me relating this unforgettable gig for me was that this Tom Petty band blew me away. I was drawn in immediately and I would say I was hooked on live music by the time they launched into their 3rd song. Late in their set, when the whole place went crazy for "Refugee", I was fully swept away (if you're reading and posting here, you we'll know how you can be lifted off your feet by the collective joy of the crowd for a song).


It turns out that after Tom Petty and his Heartbreakers finished their set, they were the house band for Bob Dylan's main set of the night. Dylan still sounded like Dylan at this time (in that the songs hadn't been rearranged into something unrecognizable - as they would be now) and it was close to magical to hear all the songs that Mom and Dad played on the phonograph, played live in such a setting by a living Legend and his band of maestros.


The 12 minute version of Knockin on Heaven's Door that was played as the last song of the encore, is still one of the most memorable moments of music that I've ever experienced.


With that night, the door had been opened. And now, 27 years later and 2200 + shows under my belt (yes, that concert helped firmly establish a "live music problem" that I endure to this day), I found myself at a Tom Petty show just LAST NIGHT, book ending all those shows and artists in between (including my greatest show ever, the Sunday night in '88 in Nov., that part of Rattle and Hum was filmed - in Denver's McNichols Arena (an arena that has since been razed).


So again, funny that you ask the question about an unforgettable gig tonight. Tom Petty and his Heartbreakers starting it all for me more than a quarter of a century ago. Then being the last band I've seen (in 24 hours) and them playing Refugee again last night. Keeping the circle going on something that has become a defining element of my life.


P.S. My six week old son is named Dylan


Thanks for providing the inspiration to write about this.



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Dear U2


My first ever show I attended was U2’s Popmart in Leeds in 1997. I was 14 years old and convinced my Dad to take me. We had to queue all night outside a record shop in Leeds – None of this mobile phone sponsored presale ticket bollocks back then. Come the day of the gig it was pissing it down, but that would not matter as it was and still is the finest show I have ever witnessed. It was Techno-Punk Rock and would shape my musical influence for decades. U2’s 1997 album Pop was far ahead of its time in terms of ideas and production and I was looking for other bands that had the Punk Rock n Roll spirit along with that Techno Beat. Primal Scream released XTRMNTR in 2000 and I got that buzz again in the same way just as I did with ‘Pop’ just magical, around that time I also fell in love with The Clash and Joe Strummers Mescaleros. Which coincided with high powered computers and the ability to record music at home and so I started to try a bit – I started sampling  beats and learnt to play guitar and I wrote a song called ‘Girls are Meaner Than Boys’ which did pretty well on MySpace. I did a few gigs and what-not but then I attended a show in London and that’s when everything changed – I don’t know why but it felt like all the planets aligned and focused on me for a split second then I rode the waves for a bit and all my dreams became true. It was June 2008 – Primal Scream and MC5 at the Royal Festival Hall in London, Usual gig with my best friend Pollock. Primal Scream opened up and played a stormer, MC5 we’re on second and then if it couldn’t get any better both MC5 and Primal Scream took to the stage and took the roof off. It was amazing. In one of the intervals I go to the toilet for a piss and I’m minding my own business as you do when I hear this voice “That’s got to be Rob Galloway if I have ever seen him”, I looked at my wanger and looked back and replied “My reputation precedes me, how can I help?” and the guy talking was called Pockets and he was Joe Strummers best mate and he invited me for a beer at the after party where Don Letts was DJ, We get talking and he says he has heard my music online and that Strummer would have loved it and can we agree to meet the next day, I couldn’t believe it. So as northerners with a severe lack of planning I convinced my mate to stay and we ended up staying on a sofa belonging to Ray Gange (The Clash’s Roadie and star of the film ‘Rude Boy’) in Brixton. We went to meet Pockets the next day in a boozer on Portobello Road where he was due to meet Lily Allen before heading to Glastonbury where she was playing with Mark Ronson. Pockets was telling me about the ‘Strummerville Foundation’ for which is he is a trustee and is run by Trish Whelan who used to work for U2 and the Pogues, and that they would like to help me. Pockets manages to convince Lily to let me on her Guestlist for Glastonbury and off we go – No tent, no ticket, nothing – but I survived. After the festival Pockets and Strummerville fulfil their promise of help by providing funding for my new band The Yalla Yallas debut album ‘ Act of Defiance’ it was an amazing experience.



We recorded it back in Yorkshire but we did come down to The Clash’s Mick Jones place where he was doing a Rock n Roll Library of all his memorabilia and we played live and recorded some songs, It was magical to be surrounded by Joe’s lyrics on the wall, Pockets was telling me first hand stories of Joe, Joe’s dog who is called Fender the Punrock Warhound was walking around my feet as I’m singing my lyrics, Trish was telling me her stories of her days working for U2, I think she even got me on the phone to Flood for a bit. It cemented my faith in Rock n Roll, and the way in which U2 have spoken recently about their love for The Clash reminds me of these days and  I just thought that I’d share with you my story and let you know that those boys are still giving people a leg up to this day. Here is a little video we made of our first single ‘Retaliation (Doesn’t Make It Alright)’ there is a little nod to you guys in there https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RABJfCxCeg


P.S. Let us know if you need a support band for your tour




Rob Galloway – The Yalla Yallas




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Hey Zootopians!!


Been a while since I posted, so much so, I've not actually posted in this new Zootopia!! But thought I'd give this one a bash.....


Well my first U2 gig was the Elevation Tour at Earls Court on 21st August 2001. I'd just come back from Australia after my year out, I left an 18 year old boy and came back a man!! My gig was the day Bono's dad passed away. The show was simply staggering...the emotion...the feeling...it was truly a great but also sad occasion. You could feel every note from the Edge's guitar, the pain and passion in Bono's voice when they played Kite. It really did sent shivers down my spine and make the hairs on the back of your neck and arms stand on end.


So I've attached couple of pics from the night but it was back in the day when digital camera's were really expensive and all I had was a 35mm point and shoot!! (I'm the one in the hat!!)




Steve C - U2_Nutter!!!

Me and My Mate Dave

The Fly

With Or WIthout You



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I have three stories of unforgettable concerts.


The first one was in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1982. They played at the Capital Theater to a crowd of about 2500 people.

I queued for 8 hours for tickets and someone two places ahead of me got the last tickets. A group of us thought we would go along to the concert and listen from outside, while we were in the pub/bar before the concert, I bumped into the people who got the last tickets and we got talking. I told them what had happened and they said that they would not sit in their seats until 15 minutes into the concert and for us to go to the office and explain we lost our tickets and give them their ticket numbers.

Well, we fronted up to the office and explained we lost our tickets and gave them the ticket numbers and after some very suspicious looks, we were told to wait outside. Ten minutes later, one of the bouncers/security guards came out and told us no one was in the seats and we could come in, so there must have been 2503 people at the concert !!!


The next concert was Robert Plant (ex Led Zeppelin), Marquee, London 1987. I worked in London as a Draftsperson and often listed to the radio when I was working. I heard that Robert Plant was playing at the Marquee that night, and tickets were limited diue to the size of the venue. This was his first concert since Led Zeppelin split up. I rushed out of the office and headed down and got my ticket of Five pounds !!! The ticket looks like a cinema ticket stub. That night outside the venue was packed but inside was very quiet and lots of people in suits, I spoke to one of the security guards and he told me that the record company had bought all the tickets and most of the people there were either record company, media or friends of the band and me !! Before the concert, the band came out to talk to everyone and ask what they were looking for from the concert so I actually got to talk to one of my all time heroes, Robert Plant, during the concert I was sitting at the bar next to Ian Gillan (Ex Deep Purple and Black Sabbath lead singer) chatting to him about the set, after the concert the band came out again and mixed with everyone and asked opinions of the concert.


Those would be two of my unforgettable moments at concerts I have attended.


My first U2 concert was at the Capital Theater in 1982, the energy of Bono on stage with the music, I knew I was hooked and thirty two years later, I still think they are one of the best bands in the world.



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Queuing up all night at our local record store to get tickets for the Joshua Tree tour in 1987 (first in the queue!)....when the store opened there was only about 30 people! We could have gone to bed, but the thrill of being at the front of the line, priceless!....(Gig time) walking down the stadium to be 30 feet away from the band, unbelievable experience! and until Paris in 2010, it was the best concert I had been too! (View from our seat! post-286746-0-88734100-1412660747_thumb.jpg (no photos from back then in 1987!)

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The concert that changed my life?

13 years ago I found in my town a small band playing folk. Regional Music of our region always liked. I met wonderful people, friends with whom we started performing together.
And the concert that changed my life - it was our first concert. We danced, we sang, we had fun ... and so is the today- performances give us constant joy.

And before that, and then I was on many memorable concerts. The first concert of U2 first flag - in Chorzow which took their little son.

I cried when seeing our flag Bono took off his jacket and put it on the red side. We all cried. Thank you for this moment...

But the chance to see the people at the concert, when I'm on stage is an unforgettable experience. It gives joy, excitement, strength.

That's what you give to people they give you. :D

Even when he sings "only" folk songs :)


Third from the right - it's me!


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Best concert moment was definitely U2 - I have been a long time fan started from first hearing The Fly from Achtung Baby. My first concert experience with U2 was November 1993 Sydney Football Stadium. The energy was massive, the stage was enormous, and the band were bringing something totally new and innovative. But the song that most stirred me was hearing One with the extended verse - I still remember looking across at friends that were there and us all being totally stunned! I can still feel that emotion every time I hear the live versions of it. Brings tears.

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My name is David and I am from Spain. My unforgettable gig was my first concert of U2 and U2 first concert in Spain. I was 12 years old and my father was a fan of U2 since 1980. He decided to go see them and wanted me to go with him. 

It was June 15, 1987 and more than 90,000 people filled the Santiago Bernabeu stadium; it was crazy, but grandiose crazy. At that time, I already knew the songs of U2 thanks to my father and I think my situation is like that of Bono when his father put those songs in his head. My father (and U2) put those songs in my head.

It was really special that my first U2 concert was also the first concert of U2 in Spain and hear Bono say "How is it possible that we have not played here before?" was something great. 

Unfortunately I don´t have pictures of that day but I have the memory of that concert in my head and in my heart, my first and unforgettable concert that turned me from that moment in a fan of the band. 

For Bono was his first concert in Spain, for me, too.

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It was december 1983 when I (11 years old) came home from school. My sister was baking a cake. She called me because she wanted to show me her new record. The first song was "Sunday bloody Sunday", but this song didn't satisfy me straight away. She let me listen another song "40". I liked this song on the spur of the moment.
By chance a few some days later our teacher asked our class of school who knew the band U2 from Irland. Nobody knew the band and this was my great moment. I was the only one who "knew" the band. From now I was the up to date record specialist from our school.

We translated the lyrics of "Sunday bloody Sunday" into German and from this moment I was a fan of this band.
At this time it was very difficult to find any articles in the music papers in Austria and Germany. So every teeny article found its way to the wall of my room. My best christmas present 1984 was the record "The Unforgettable Fire". I wanted to go to the concert in Dortmund in 1984 but naturally my parents didn't allow it.
And then come my favourite time as a U2 fan. The Joshua Tree was released and it is still my favourite album. After beseeching my parents they allowed me to buy a ticket for the concert on July 21st 1987 in Munich. We arrived with a bus and we saw a unbelievable concert.

The concert starts with a powerful version of Where the Streets have no name after the Beatles song Stand by me faded out over the PA. I will follow, Trip through your wires, I still haven't found MLK, The Unforgettable Fire, Bullet, Running to stand still, Exit, In Gods Country and Sunday bloody Sunday were played in an intensity I never heared before. The next song was People get ready and Bono asked if somebody wants to play his guitar. A young german entered the stage and played the song with U2. After the song Bono told, that his name was Micheal. We knew that this guy is now the famous german comidian Michael Mittermaier. My favourite song "Bad" followed and had a snippet of Candle in the Wind. October, New Years Day and Pride were played and the band leaved the stage. The encore starts with Party Girl and a very rare and fast version of Spanish Eyes. With or without you and "40" closes my first U2 concert in my life.

After the gig we walked to the bus and there were many unoffical street sellers who sold Joshua Tree items.
I still have all items I bought on the offical stand an on the street like  the huge concert poster, a wristband, Tour programmes, batches .........

The Joshua Tree era is my favourite era but I am still a huge fan and collector of the band. If you want to read more about my U2 story you can see it on my collectors homepage.





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It's June 1993 and Guns N' Roses will play in the Goffertpark Nijmegen (The Netherlands). We, three young lads out of Brunssum, are already into the music, but our parents are not willing to let us go to a Rock convert. They think we are to young to go.


Then the father of a friend of mine said he wanted to join us to the convert. We were excited and convinced the other parents to go as well. And so it happened. Three 14/15 years went to Guns N' Roses concert.


I remember that The Cult was a supporting act and all the singer could say was F*ck this and F*ck that. In every sentence which came out of his mouth the word F*ck was in. This is something we are still talking about, when we pick up memories of this concert. The member of Guns N' Roses were fashionably late and the concert started a couple of hours later than planned. For us this wasn;t a problem because we had so many new impression that we could kill this waiting time easily.


This concert is the one which made us a member of Rock music and we would go to many many concerts more. Every year we are visiting the Pinkpop Festival in Landgraaf were U2 played as well in 1981. We are all hoping to see you there in the near future.


In the picture attached you can see the three of us, fully dressed up to go to the concert. It was a day to rember and we are still talking about this concert as our Baptism in Rock Music.



Dennis Hendrix (The Netherlands)



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