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Songs Of Innocence (Merged)

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I love u2, but i found it dissapointing.


After listening to it again...on a better device I am LOVING it !!!


Their music all ways affects me on such a personal level , Bono is a great poet.

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this could work...


Inside iTunes, go to the iTunes Store 

find U2 

go to Songs of Innocence and click the download link... it will ask you again for your Apple ID and your password...


Now go to "Music"... the album should go there...


if this doesn't work... log off from iTunes, close and restart it and try again the previous procedure...

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I "purchased" it on iTunes but it's not in my library yet. It's been almost two hours. Am I doing something wrong? I'm ready to scream!

Try this - it worked for me- go to your i tunes account- go to recently purchased music- it only showed up here for me - album listed there - hit the cloud in top right corner to download. all songs that are listed Edited by nitz1
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Listened to it at least six times now.


I like it a lot but it doesn't feel like an album they have struggled to make for 5+ years and resulted in a masterpiece if that make sense? has the feel of an album that has been on the shelf and they've dusted off because they couldn't get the original album/concept off the ground for four years so spent a year doing this.


Not that it is a bad thing because clearly we have ended up with something very different.

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