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Songs Of Innocence (Merged)

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I don't care for Miracle (Of Joey Ramone) and California (There Is No End To Love). I couldn't indentify with them. I kept hearing noise in 'Miracle' and the Beach Boys in 'California'. If that was intentional, I missed the punchline. This album will get a few more listens before I completely write those 2 tracks off. The Troubles I like although it feels more like an M83 produced song than an U2 song in its structure.

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Sorry, just call me Spammy Sammy, weird day and things are coming to me in fragments. Was just thinking this makes Northside Story look like very deliberate ground work for the album, which is kinda cool. Also love the echo of The Call Up in the tune for Joe Strummer, which was always the rewind --> play --> rewind --> play --> etc. on Sandanista (SP?) for me. The "Barbara Ann" Beach Boys bit did catch me by surprise, but always nice to see something new in them. And then there's the Bono the Biology Teacher "something in your eyes" of Iris (reminds me of the "don't want to lose my nerve" of "Slug"). The "star" of Iris and the feel of the song draws me in like a Simple Minds sequence that got me through some stuff over the past year (Space / Stars Will Lead the Way / The Jeweler (Part 2)), which is also a good thing.

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Raised by Wolves is just brilliant. Was in the shower earlier and then Song for Someone came on and I thought....there's a hit! Too much information, I know! ;)


those 2 songs are in my top 3, though I'm just finishing my second listen.


I need a physical copy, 1 month till I get my hands on the cd... have to wait! B)

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