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Songs Of Innocence (Merged)

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Okay, here is my view or review...


The Miracle - Glam rock riffs and pulsating drums. Makes you take notice with the instant loud riffage. Kind of reminds me of Love and Peace. Then in my head I think if Love and Peace and Window in the Skies had a child, I can imagine it would turn out like this. Good song to start the album, but for me, it is missing a killer chorus. But I can imagine the excitement this song would create live. Just about a hit for me...


Every Breaking Wave - The intro does scream U2 are back. Classic rhythm section. Wasn't really a fan of the 360 versions, so I am glad they have worked on it and made a proper chorus, a right sing-along one too. A classic U2 number for me, in the vein of Magnificent. Hit for me....


California - I don't mind the intro, I like the swirls and the way it goes into the song. Another sing-along chorus too, and sounds like this one was made for radio play. It is nice to step into Bono's memories, and I swear I have heard that chorus before. But an upbeat, uplifting song. Hit for me...


Song for Someone - On first listen, I thought it was a little cheesy. But through Bono's songs about Ali, certainly better than The Sweetest Thing. Not as powerful as With or Without You or All I want is You, but there is life in this song. Well crafted song in all honesty and a nice breather until we get to the intense section of the album for me. Just about a hit for me...


Iris - STANDOUT TRACK Love this. I am a sucker for the uplifting breakdowns and clubesque dance vibe, mixed with the groove and dark verses. Kind of sounds like Fez to me, but with a proper melody line and lyrics. Love the middle 8, the lush piano. Hit for me...


Volcano - I wasn't sure about this on first listen, but I dig this. Good to hear so much Adam on this album, and the chorus again, I swear I heard this before. Reminds me of Florence and the Machine, Ladyhawke. I certainly prefer it to Glastonbury. Hit for me...


Raised by Wolves - Getting a WAR vibe on this one. Bono's RAISED by wolves vocal, does sound a little processed and clean, which took me by surprise, but certainly an inventive song. Could do without the cheesy vocal effect at the start, but really feeling the tribal chorus. Just about a hit for me....


Cedarwood Rd - Great intro, great guitar playing, and then how to kill a song by dying it down for the verse. And then saved by the epic end. Not feeling this one at the moment. Miss for me...


Sleep Like a Baby Tonight - Screams of Pop era to me. Velvet Dress with a kick up the ar*e. Brilliant song writing and production and rather dark. Loving the ending too, rather mellow and great to listen to with the lights turn out. Hit for me...


Reach Me - Not loving the weird synth lads. Good guitar playing mind from the Edge and has Clash and Chic written all over it. But not really reaching Bono on this one. Good to have uptempo songs towards the end, but this one for me is a miss...


The Troubles - Great ending to the album. To be honest, I am surprised this one is the final track of the album. Just nice. Hit for me...


Overall, there are no Elevation or Boots songs on this album, which is a good thing for me, not a total shift from the 00's U2, but certainly a fresh sounding album, a good collection of new songs with some good singing from Bono, new sounds from Edge and Larry and Adam at the front. I am impressed with what I have heard. 4 out of 5 from me.



Great review Mac, enjoyed reading that :)

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If Songs of Experience is released prior to the shows it will probably be tricky because that will mean 20-24 new songs from the new album plus I dare say Ordinary Love/Invisible will get played a bit.


They'll still play a lot of the classics too and their set is only 22-24 songs IIRC

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Wow nice thread, great album.


This album will seem to get better live.  Last album, the songs were perfect.  On this album I can see the ways they will change for the better.  I couldn't  see last album's songs any other way.  I loved the last album and wished they played it more, but this is so good.


Iris and Song for Someone, WOW.  Just wow.  The ending on Song will be huge, it will end like One with a repeated last chorus but bigger.  On the album I am begging for a bigger ending.  I think live it will be a monster ending.  My fav song is Song.


But Iris, wow.   On first listen it was very emotional.  I told my wife, we listened to it at same time, I am a 45 year old guy almost crying at this song.  We met on WIRE, the U2 fan mailing list back in 1997.  3 kids later.  Yes, one is named Joshua.


Anyway, Iris and Song.  Then it's Miracle and track 2.  I don't have the names down yet.


I hated California.  It is like a better version of staring at the sun, just a litle throw away track, but with WAY better music.


Anyway, wanted to post here.  I hope they announce a tour before my sub ends this time.  I re-upped too soon.


Great album.  I don't think it has a high of highs, no Beautiful Day or Streets, but the floor on this album is WAY HIGHER.  That is what is amazing to me, they are ALL solid.


Thanks U2.

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Hey, I just wanted to come in and say THANK YOU to the band for the new album and the gift to us, everyone and me.


I have a close musician friend/neighbour that thought she was the only one that got it, she thought she was special and the chosen one, so we had a great laugh and said yes and pointed the fingers at ourselves 'it's all about me', I sound like a Nickelodean childstar (don't get me started).


Anyway, I am not like Rolling Stone by any means, but I would like to listen and take in the album and give my feedback/impression/feelings and my mate would too. So I'm going to listen and hear whats happening. 


Sleep deprived here, heaps of work to do. 


Catch up

Cheers and laughs always 

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Since we're comparing this music to other music...the one song that sounds really really familiar to something else I've heard before is 'This Is Where You Can Reach Me'. Driving me crazy cause I can't put my finger on it but I swear I know the beginning of that song (where the guitar starts) from somewhere.

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Loving this album....the more I hear it the more I love it.  Absolutely can't stop listening to Every Breaking Wave and Songs for Someone.  Loving Troubles, California, and Sleep Like a Baby Tonight.  Listening to others now.  So glad they are back....What a different album.  Love Bono's range on every song and Edge's vocals too!  Music phenomenal.  So feel good!!!

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