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Songs Of Innocence (Merged)

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Nearly two weeks in and here is the status for SOI in my house.   I love it!  Most of it....still not sure about "Raised by Wolves" which is interesting and frustrating at the same time for me.  My daughter is hooked on "Every Breaking Wave" wheras my son goes "not this song!!!".   My wife is taken with "Song for Someone" and "The Troubles".  Every time is see "IRIS(hold me close)" in print...for some reason I hear Bono singing David Essex.....and have to kick myself into hearing what will be an awesome live song.


It's fresh, it's and ALBUM and it is like living in the 70s, 80s, 90s, naughties and now. Worth the wait in my opinion.

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Hi All, 


I live in Ireland. First time I saw the cover art for the new album, I said to myself, Jeez - America won't like that', and 'Larry is Gay!' .... which my Mother always thought he was, as she reckoned he was too good looking for a 'Paddy' to be straight. (Me Ma fancies you Larry ... to this day).


Now, I'm 43, so do your maths. About an hour ago, I set 'Songs of ...' cover art (Larry and Son) as my Desktop Wallpaper because of the power of the image. The bigger image reveals a lot more insight in accordance with the lyrics and the tattoos than people imagine. Initially, I read the spiel as Bono put it about it as about the image was about holding on to innocence,Maybe it still is, but the more closely I looked at it and took it in, I see Larry trying to pull his son back from somewhere he doesn't want to go - loosing innocence or going 'down the line'.


Catholic cross round his neck, are the songs of innocence about rebellion, and fighting your father, or holding a pistol in your left hand when your mother begs you to put it down and her only hope is to get your father to go on his knees and hold, beg you, to plead not to leave us now? We all wear masks, even Larry's son.


The Album is brill. Full stop. ........ (5 full stops, that is). Well done U2.


Sher, what do I know.


Morgan P

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