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Songs Of Innocence (Merged)

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And it's not a coincidence it's followed by Invisible...because the angel is Invisible but he/she saves you, in the physical plan..actually...Listen to the songs and think or better yet...feel !!!!!!

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Pain - shifting words under my feet - "stars are bright but do they know" - now I'm running the other way: not the celebrities aren't necessarily bright route, but they are bright, but don't recognize they suffering around them (the universe is cold). Wouldn't have put that much stock in running this way, but saw Annie Lennox on Tavis Smiley last week and seemed to be exactly the case for her - didn't realize how it is until she did the 46664 thing and saw the townships and now she lives in South Africa and is focused on such things.


I'll add btw, that Tavis almost seems to have been positioning himself to interview U2 if he gets a chance based on the U2 connected people he has interviewed over the past couple years (e.g., Q, Dave Stewart, Angelina Jolie, etc.). If he does get them on, I would note two things: 1) expect him to try and hold them for an additional 20 minutes so he can make two 30 minute shows, and 2) hopefully at least one of the band members will have read his recent book on MLK.

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