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Bono & Edge On Italian TV 12/10/14 - Watch The Show


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Think I'm going to have to keep an eye out for a translated version lol

He was very restrained during Miracle wasn't he, he looked like was itching to get up and engage the audience

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Love this audience! They were up on their feet - as they should be! ;) THEY certainly know how to appreciate the guys and know how to let them know it! No wonder the band chose to go here first. :)


Some fans are reading into this appearance that a rift or disinterest from the absent half of the band exists because Larry and Adam weren't there, especially since they were all just/still rehearsing in France. Does anyone here agree w/ that? To me Disc 2 of the CD Deluxe highlights the two new songs and the acoustic versions. Thus, they wanted to show off the acoustic versions and encourage sales of the Deluxe version.


Edge and Bono were quite youthful, joking around on the walkout and throughout the interview.


The Miracle was astounding, vocals and delivery near perfect. EBW was so emotional and powerful stripped down. Wow!


I hope we get the full band in their French performance later this week. We certainly will see them all on Jools Friday. Well, Europe will. We will have to wait 2 weeks to see them here in the states.

So excited to see and hear the band doing so great and back out there again! I do want Bono to stop smoking and drinking so much so his vocals stay strong. The terrific "It's the job of art to be divisive" Guardian Observer article from Saturday mentioned how he was already hungover and how much he drank during the interview - and had a cigarette too! :(  Sigh...  Yes, you are a rock star, Bono, but please take care!!

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