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I was wondering if anyone knew by chance when iTunes and U2 will be issuing the following songs.

Perhaps they have been issued outside of the US but so far I haven't located them anywhere.


Passengers -

Original Soundtracks 1 LP

Viva Davidoff

Bottoms (Watashitachi No Ookin)


Bono -

Can't Help Falling In Love

(Honeymoon In Vegas LP)


U2 -

Oh Berlin

Heaven And Hell

Native Son

Neon Lights


Summer Rain

Holy Joe

Pop Muzik

Last Night On Earth (First Night In Hell Remix)

Slow Dancing (w/out Willie Nelson)

Desire (Hollywood Remix)


The Alternate Achtung Baby (The Kindergarten Versions)


Zoo TV Live in Sydney 1993




Red Rocks


This is by no means a complete list of all the tracks not on iTunes, just ones I'm keen to get.

Also, wouldn't it be nice if Van Diemen's Land was issued without the audience sound at the beginning and the Phil Joanou interview bit at the end of it?

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The Kindergarten is an exclusive to the UberDeluxe and SuperDeluxe versions of Achtung Baby, you won't see that on iTunes very soon..This goes for the others too...those are rarities and B-Sides to singles as for Red Rocks...that is on DVD...The Sydney ZooTv show as an audio version was also a U2.com fanclub release...Rattle and Hum wasn't even remastered...

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Holy Joe (don't know which mix) can be found on the Japanese Release of Pop as the 13th track and as a B-Side to the Discotheque-Single with two mixes: Holy Joe-Garage Mix and Guilty Mix...I doubt that you'll find that on iTunes...Better start searching for the CD on Amazon or Ebay !

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