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London Calling… U2 at the BBC this week...


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They were amazing. So I picked up my shirt for tomorrow and nipped to Maida Vale on the odd chance there'd be something going on. When I got there, there were a few people (20) ish milling about and nobody had a clue what was going on! We ran to all three exits and couldn't see them, but U2 had got there earlier and we heard them on the radio. We played the show on a car radio of this Nottingham fan at the highest volume, getting yelled at by some neighbours but we didn't care. We then waited at the end of the show and it started heaving it down! A full on downpour!


We got told to line up against a wall by an ominous U2 security guard and after an hour of more rain, during which I made some friends and was handed a pic to get signed - and my phone dropped to 3% - I was confronted by the beanie of one Monsieur edge. He was so kind! He shook everyone's hand - signed pics and brought his brolly over to stop getting us drenched. He asked me how the album went and I said it was wicked and he signed my pic and told me to stay out the rain and under the brolly.


Then I saw my hero, Bono, and he was chatting all the girls up. My phone died but a very lovely friend took a pic of me and Bono and sent it to me! U2 fans fucking rock! He asked me how the performance went and I said we listened to it in the car and we loved it. EBW was amazing and particularly the mix of acoustic and when the drums kicked in in the end. When I mentionec drums he said that was deeply hurtful and played the sympathy vote, but he was taking the piss and I called him a cheeky sod and he jostled me. He signed my pic 'Bono 4 Mike 14' and then I took a pic of another fan and said I was going into paparazzi mode. He laughed and made the fan and him do a 'no photos' hand block pose.


He said hi to every last person then headed off with a thanks. They were down to earth, surprisingly insecure and asking about the performance, very funny and overall kind and interested in us. Even now with the riches, they exemplify the name'U2' and they behave as if they believe what they stand for.


I'm very glad I went from work tonight. They say never meet your heroes. Well guys, we have some pretty awesome heroes.


Great post - not gloating at all - thanks for sharing. I'm sure it must have been a great experience. Well done.

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