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'U2 Take On The World' (New Rolling Stone Article) (Merged)

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I saw an image of it making the rounds on,twitter. So this is out now it sounds like. I'll have to head down to the book store to see if i can find it.



Have you found it yet?  I know a couple of people have, but so far, in my neck of the woods, it hasn't surfaced yet.  I keep going out looking for those beautiful faces and find Obama instead. :angry:



No not yet. I believe it's due on newsstands Friday so I'm going to head out tomorrow and see if I can find it. When I went looking the other day, it was still the old one.

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Can I ask, when you look at the Rolling Stones picture, who's face is the more striking/noticeable?


I'm drawn to the Edge


Not in any untoward reason, but I find I'm drawn to his eyes

They all look striking. The expressions of each of them, it's Larry I'm drawn too. Like to know what he's thinking there. Never noticed he looks a little Kevin Bacon.  ;)


Will look for the issue tomorrow! U2 are still hot in their 50's and more important know how to stay relevant. :wub:

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Josh have you seen this mag in uk stores?, I've been looking and no luck so far.

Mulls, I know some people had it earlier this week in the US, but it didn't officially hit the newstands here until yesterday.  Probably give it a week to get it there.

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