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I can see 7 North American cities


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There have been common aspects surfacing from talk about the yet-to-be-annouced tour.  The band have teased us a lot, but within those tidbits are valuable clues.  Then, when looking at historical tour facts, it begins to come into focus.


As we accept the residency approach that the band has spoken of, the guessing begins about which cities will be represented.  Seven seems to be an acceptable number, considering a 61 day window in May + June.  If the band plays 3.5 shows each week, there could be a total show count of around 28.  Fact:  On the first leg of the Vertigo Tour, U2 played 28 shows in 14 cities over a 61 day period.  Hey, we have a new word definition - residency / noun / 1 a residential post held by U2; derived by cutting the tour stops in half.


Starting with the Joshua Tree Tour, the band has begun every tour in the U.S. except for U2360.  So the current consensus that the 1st leg will be North America is more logical than delaying until after summer of '15.  But again, what cities are we talking about?


Boston and Vancouver are both realistic places to begin the tour, but who is to say a Vancouver stop is still in the cards?  Perhaps it could be replaced by Seattle or San Francisco.  West to east, or east to west?  That is the logistical question.  With Toronto specifically mentioned by a reliable source, perhaps the whole thing starts there.  Fact:  U2 have never begun a tour in New York or Los Angeles.


If we simulate the target markets of U2 and Live Nation, it's not difficult to go along with NY; Miami; LA; Chicago and Boston, as well as top Canadian market Toronto.  Fact:  Top U.S. Passenger Gateways:  #1 NY (#4 Newark); #2 Miami (#13 Ft. Lauderdale); #3 LA; #5 Chicago; #6 Atlanta; #7 San Francisco; #8 Houston; #10 Dallas/FW; #12 Boston; #16 Seattle; #19 Las Vegas.


So please, someone tell me where is the 7th city?


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Surprised Denver isn't on your possible list.  


Though, with me being in Dallas and if they stop here, I would be totally shocked and giddy as a school girl!


They did not even go through Texas the first leg of the Vertigo tour.  But yes, they always come through Dallas or Houston eventually, but I wouldn't put my money on it as one of the 7.

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I would love it if Atlanta was one, but I honestly don't see it happening. A lot of people are bypassing Atlanta these days. Not sure what happened. If you're talking 7 North American shows, scratch 2 of the US and add a Canadian, probably Toronto and Mexico City. Will be interesting to see what they do.

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