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Stories Of Innocence - How Songs Of Innocence Came From A North Side Story.


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Songs Of Innocence is inspired by the band's earliest days in Dublin – the gigs they went to, the places they hung out in, the friends they made. 

That story of U2's emergence in the late 1970's  is nowhere captured better than in North Side Story, the special Hot Press publication for U2.com subscribers.

Here's some of the ways in which Songs of Innocence and North Side Story are a perfect combination. 




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To Whom It May Concern: Being Intimately familiar with the storyline portrayed... Invisible... Someone... Why continue a Conversation that Never Was?!... Only songs to fill an airspace with No Bridge Between... Direct VS Indirect... 3rd parties Objections Meaningless & Injections are Worthless... Hourglass is Empty... Due to the Silence of Space... Screams Echoed but Never Answered... Empty Airspace Is All that Remains...

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Back in those days my mom was kicking my ass for taking the train to see the Ramones-Blondie etc at CBGB's. U2 would have given anything to be at those shows and to get a peck on the cheek from Debbie Harry and a ride on the #7 train with the Ramones. I was a lucky kid growing up in NYC in the 1970's and 80's. Every ass whuppin was worth it!

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